Gearing up fro Go Blog Social!

7:00:00 AM

I am beyond excited to be attending the Go Blog Social in St. Louis this weekend!
A while back I decided to look up different blogging conferences in my area in hopes to network, meet fellow St. Louis Bloggers and obtain a lot of new knowledge.
This conference really stood out to me so I got myself a ticket and as tomorrow approaches I am becoming a tad bit nervous.
This is the FIRST conference I have ever been to.
I can't wait to meet so many new and interesting people, also it is scaring the pants off of me.
I am raiding my closet trying to find the PERFECT outfit to wear, which is way easier said than done.
Also I am going through the list of other events associated with the conference and wanting to do them all.
So, I am hoping to get some advice from fellow bloggers out there...
What should I expect from a Blogger Conference?!
What have your experiences been going to a Conference like this?!

Are there any other St. Louis based bloggers reading this and attending as well?! (If so, I would love to chat & meet you this weekend!!)
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Hello.. I'm Erica from and I will be at the conference tomorrow. I am very new to blogging.. so new that all I have up is a welcome post! But I am also nervous and will be running to Target after work to find something colorful and bright to wear. I have been to one other conference a few years back. The bloggy Conference is the name of it by the SITS girls. It was really fun. I was able to meet bloggers from different areas and learned a lot. It can truly be a business and I can't wait to get my blog to that level. I hope to see you there

  2. Hello!!! Ah I'm so excited, I can't wait!! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!! ������


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