Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Holy-cow it's been forever...

Wow I can't believe it's been as long as it has been since the last time I wrote an entry for this blog.
Life took some unexpected & some expected turns in the past year plus since I've been here.
The biggest change has been that we have added a new little addition to our family...

His name is Oliver James LaRose and he was born on February 12th, 2014!
We couldn't be happier settling into our roles as new parents to this little farr
{& let me tell you, a fart he is :) }

I contemplated coming back here and blogging about our journey, however this space was my personal domain to write about myself, sure Andrew would make his appearances here and there, but this was all about me.
Now that that has changed I have decided to move over to another little place of the internet.

I would absolutely LOVE it if you all followed along in our journey over at

Hope to see you all there!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Opening Day!

So today marks the official start of the baseball season {at least in my mind}.

As I am stuck inside an office all day I will be scrolling through Facebook and Instagram living vicariously through friends and family, that are just down the street from me, enjoying the festivities.

Since I won't be able to be there I have been participating the only ways I know how...

Made some Cardinals inspired cake pops!

Of course, sporting cardinals attire!!
{pictures from instagram}

Have a great Monday everyone! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Check It Out...

Last week I mentioned a little opportunity I had been presented with & today I am going to share with you all just what it is. An incredible jewelry company by the name of Outfit Additions reached out to me a few weeks back about creating some outfits, using their jewelry of course, on their polyvore site. I was extremely flattered and excited to be asked and of course I accepted immediately! Once the outfits were about done I was asked if I wanted to do a series of blog posts talking about the outfits I had put together! Seriously, writing about fashion and jewelry, yes please!

So the first of five posts is currently up on their site now so go on over & check it out!

Let me know what you think!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello there!! :)

It has been a while since I've posted & I hope that those of you who have read my blog in the past can forgive my long {way too long} absence recently.

Allow me to explain the best that I can....

I have this thing, where I find something that I truly LOVE to do, whether it be knitting, reading or blogging, and I go full force with it. I am so passionate about said activity that I burn myself out with it {in turn needing some time off}. I need to learn to balance everything out, take a step back and not over-do it.

So, here I am, back with a new perspective... I can't worry about "what will I post about tomorrow" or "I hope everyone will like what I have to say" as much as I need to focus on "I can't wait to write my next post, I'm so lucky to have this outlet."

I can't let these things that I love to do stress me out, it defeats the purpose. I'm trying and I'm learning as I go.

This realization has come in the form of an awesome opportunity I have been given, to work with and write a few posts for an incredible jewelry company. It will be a series of five posts {one a day... starting tomorrow & concluding next week}... I have had so much fun creating these posts & I can not wait to share them with you all in the next week.

Here is what you can expect from me in the future... I will be posting two to three times a week {in attempts to keep my thoughts and posts as interesting & fun as I can} and promise to not over do it & not try to be anyone else other than myself! :)

Thank you all so much for reading this blog of mine & I hope you continue to do so!!

Have a great day!!!