50 Questions & Bachelorette Update!

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As I am nearing the end of the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind I am wanting to challenge everyone reading to take the time and answer them as well, whether you put them on your blog for others to see or not! :) {Check out Amber over at Brunch with Amber and see how she answers these same questions, she was my inspiration}

36. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil? I think that there are certain situations where it is blatantly clear what is good and what is evil.

37. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job? I probably wouldn't quit, I would for sure cut down on how much I work and spend more time doing the things that I enjoy, but in today's society, a million dollars doesn't go as far as it sounds.

38. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing? More work I actually enjoy doing. I get bored so easy and couldn't stand it if I had to do less than I do now... I'd rather be happily busy any day!!

39. Do you feel like you've lived this day a hundred times before? Absolutely... Same stuff, different day.

40. When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in? Actually, I currently am, it's a lonely feeling but I can't help how I feel about the situation and I will forever believe in it even if no one else can understand. =/


As many of you know, I am entirely obsessed with the Bachelorette {the Bachelor & the Bachelor Pad}, I can't help it, these shows just grab my attention every single season. Last nights episode of the Bachelorette did not disappoint. Where I was not at all shocked at the outcome, I was happy the way things all played out.

Highlights...  Arie gets confronted about his relationship with one of the shows producers, however it didn't hinder his relationship with Emily once it was all out on the table. Doug gets sent home on the group date, I absolutely understood her reasons for doing that, he didn't seem as romantically interested in her the same way the other guys are... at least he never showed her that side. Sean gets the rose on the group date, leaving Chris extremely upset and aggravated with Emily. Jef and Emily play with marionettes and make out in a library, this has to be one of my favorite dates so far, there's just something about Jef that I like way more than any of the other guys... I think him and Emily would be a great match. Chris gets very worked up at the rose ceremony due to the fact that he did not get any good alone time with Emily beforehand to explain to her how sorry he was for making things weird on the group date, so he jumps in and interrupts her before she gives out the final rose so that he can have a chance to talk to her and apologize. John gets sent home at the rose ceremony, after being extremely confident that he was going to be taking Emily home to meet his parents. 

Do you think Chris's chat with Emily made her change her mind and choose him over John, or do you think she was going to pick Chris over John the whole time?

All in all this week was a bit somber compared to others but we did get to see the progression of relationships between Emily and the guys she has left. I am extremely excited for next week & getting to see where all of these guys come from and how they act around their families!

<3 Melissa

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