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If you are anything like me you absolutely love knowing what your fave celebs are up to... Yesterday afternoon I was browsing online articles, like I usually do, and came across photos of a Spice Girls reunion while they promoted an upcoming musical Viva Forever, inspired by some of their hit songs. I was immediately drawn in... I remember fighting with my friends over which one of us would pretend to be which Spice Girl when were playing, I was always "Sporty" Spice *ahh memories*

Anyway, I started browsing through some pictures of them back in the day and compared them to now... Holy cow have they changed!! This led me to start thinking about, and looking up, other celebs that I enjoyed watching when I was younger so here is a short list of the most influential celebs in my life when I was growing up complete with pictures of what they looked like Then & Now!

First on my list is of course, The Spice Girls. It's crazy to see just how much they have changed, but I have to say I love their look now...

(left: Spice World days right: 2012 reunion)

Next, another celebrity that I absolutely loved watching (and still do) is Hilary Duff. I was such a huge fan of Lizzie McQuire when I was younger & now that she has grown up, gotten married and had her first baby I think I respect her that much more for not getting caught up in the same things that a lot of young celebrities do...

(left: Lizzie McGuire days right: proud mama and wife days)

Which brings me to my next celeb... Lindsay Lohan, now we all know that she has had a lot of, how to say this nicely, mishaps in her most recent years but back in the day, The Parent Trap day, she was pretty awesome & I for one was very disappointed when I learned that she was not really a twin :(

(left: Parent Trap days right: guest appearance on Glee)

Speaking of twins who could forget the most infamous of all twins... Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. These two young women have not only melted our hearts as Michelle Tanner on Full House but today they are pioneers in the fashion world and are a complete inspiration {at least for me anyway}
(left: full house days center: Mary-Kate & Ashley movies right: 2012)

Who are your favorites from above?! Did I miss anyone that you would have included?!

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<3 Melissa

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  1. Fabulous post girl! I loved it. I loved Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House. They were such (or Michelle) girls. They are such awesome little fashionistas now! I didn't realize that Hilary Duff was married with a little baby. Crazy that she is old enough for that now!


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  2. fav celebs were soleil moon fry aka punky brewster and Blossom

  3. OMG awesome post! I was actually thinking of writing a spice girls post too, soon but I got lazy, haha...I still might though. I have been following their group career/solo careers very closely ever since they started and I just can't believe how much they've changed. My favorite was always Posh but I kind of wish she would smile just a little bit. They are the greatest girl group ever and influenced me so, so much.

    And Hilary Duff! LOVE her. Been a fan of hers too since her Lizzie days- in fact, I just discovered that poster of her in my garage, although i think I am going to part with it finally. She's a great role model and although she's my age, I look up to her- so happy to see she's normal and all grown up!

    I used to love MKA also but not nearly as much as the first two I mentioned above.

  4. I'm so sad for how Lindsay Lohan has turned out. I hope she can get her life back on track.

    P.S. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award today on my blog. Go check it out ;)

  5. I like your blog!

  6. Can we just talk about how amazing the Spice Girls look. Stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my new maxi. xo

  7. Great post! The Spice girls are all so gorgeous now, the second pic of them is beautiful!

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