Our wedding

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I couldn't believe that the day had finally come for Andrew & I to get married. We had been engaged for a year and a half & there were times {many times} where it just seemed so far away that it would never happen. But that morning, I can't even explain how I felt, extremely excited, scared, nervous... Just about everything a bride should feel the morning of her wedding. I woke up around 7am & with my mother, sisters and one of my bridesmaids we went to get our hair and make up done. Unfortunately, the hair and makeup took way longer than expected & we had to speed to the church! Due to our swift exit from the salon, stopping by my parents house to pick up some last minute things, I forgot my bra {yeah, that was a huge oops!}... So once we got to the church my sister had to speed back to my parents house, pick up my forgotten bra & speed back to the church... phew {yes we gave her an invitation to the wedding to have with her so if she got pulled over she could explain and get her butt back to the church asap!} She returned, I got ready, my bridesmaids got ready & it was time to get married *eek!* Here are my most favorite pictures & moments throughout the day that I will never forget {4.30.2011}

I absolutely LOVE my dress :0

This is one of my favorite pictures of all of us getting ready!

Our flower girl, Haley, Andrew's cousin

Seeing my dad for the first time, all ready to go!
Andrew walking his mom down the aisle

Ring bearer & flower girl

This is probably my favorite picture from the ceremony, Andrew hugging his grandpa!

YAY it's official!

My side of the family {Dad, Grandpa, Mom, Me, Andrew, Melanie & Megan}
Andrew's brother Nick, their Mom & Andrew
Our amazing wedding party!
The lovely ladies
Team Andrew

Andrew, Me, Terra, Haley & Megan
Where we met!

At the time we only had Khloe, we had to visit her!

This is what happens when you grow up in a HUGE baseball town, it's absolutely necessary to stop there on your wedding day for pictures!

Isn't he cute?!

Our ring bearer, my cousin's son Johnathon!

"I'm the Bride, that's why!"

Candy bar!

We cut the cake, left some on the plate, Johnathon decided to try it out as well ;)

My dad giving his toast
Best man speech {Andrew's brother Nick}
Maid of honor speech {My sister Melanie}

Ice breaker dance

My parents
My other cousin's son, too stinkin cute!
Our awesome photobooth!

This pretty accurately depicts the two of us!

The photographer says "pretend to be sleeping" I say, "If I pretend too long I actually will sleep"

<3 Melissa

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  1. My husband and I looked through our wedding photos just last night... fun to remember


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