The Bachelorette : Week Two Recap

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It's that time again ladies... Bachelorette recap day! I know, you are just as excited as I am! This weeks dates were definitely some of my favorites from any season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette...

The first one on one date of the season went to Ryan, and I have to say I am glad that it did. Emily didn't whisk Ryan off to some remote island or jump off something ridiculously high, instead she took him to her home where she showed him what a day in her life is like. This meant that Ryan and Emily got to spend the day baking cookies for Emily's daughter's soccer team. I have to say, he looked pretty good in an apron!

During the dinner portion of the date we learn a little bit more about Ryan and how he does want to compete for Emily but not just to "win" but to compete in order to be the best choice for her in the end... cue the *awwww's*. When interviewed Emily did open up and say that she felt that Ryan could be almost too perfect and he reminded her of Brad in that way, yikes! Well, either way, he received the rose on the date which means he will be back next week! After Ryan was able to breath again, knowing he was safe, the couple was then treated to a private (well semi-private anyway) concert by the up and coming country group Gloriana. Emily and Ryan danced sweetly together through the whole song, adorable!

Next up... The group date! This date consisted of 13 of the Bachelor's in the house, which left one more one on one and the rest wouldn't be getting a chance to spend time with Emily this week unfortunately. In true Emily fashion this date wasn't anything crazy or extravagant. These men did, however get to perform with the Muppets in order to help Emily raise money for Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at The Levine Children's Hospital.

All of the Bachelor's seemed to be on board except for Charlie. Since attaining a speech impediment (that I wouldn't have even noticed had he not said anything) during an accident he had been involved in, Charlie was very skeptical of getting in front of a large audience and do stand up comedy. Emily, of course, helped him out generously, so cute!

The show went off without a hitch, and Emily even included her daughter, Ricki! Emily almost made enemies with Miss Piggy by trying to kiss Kermit, and Jef even proposed to Miss Piggy!

Once the show was over the group all went out for 
a nice cocktail party where the men went into overdrive in order to have time with Emily. The bachelor who caught Emily's eye the most? Jef, the adorable and cute, seemingly shy bachelor of the bunch! He told Emily how *weird* this whole situation is and that he has never had to be in a situation like this in order to date a girl. This makes sense, not many men will voluntarily put themselves in a pool with 25 other men all wanting to date the same girl.At the end of the night, the one and only rose on the group date went to Jef, yay!

The final one on one date of this week went to Joe, I like joe, I thought he was cute, funny, entertaining and extremely sweet. Emily took Joe to one of her favorite resorts where they enjoyed a wonderful dinner and had a great conversation. At the end of the night Emily wasn't feeling any connection so she decided to let Joe go home and didn't give him the rose that would have saved him at the rose ceremony. He seemed very disappointed and didn't hide his feelings very well, making Emily feel worse than she already did about letting him go. Can you blame her though? She isn't putting herself through this process again just for the fun of it, she's looking for someone to spend her life with, and she didn't think he fit the bill!

The Rose Ceremony wasn't too shocking if you ask me, with Joe already gone, Emily only had to let go two other men last night and she let Aaron the biology teacher and Kyle the financial advisor. Personally, I already see connections forming for Emily so these men going home really wasn't too earth shattering. My favorites so far? Arie, Ryan, Jef & Charlie!

All in all this weeks episode was pretty tame, sure there were some quarrels between the men in the house but that's to be expected. Next weeks episode looks promising for a little more drama and craziness though!!!

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  1. Who is your favorite now? I think Jef is TOO cute!!


    1. Yeah Jef is a cutie but I'm rooting for Arie or Sean! :)


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