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Disclaimer: I received free race entry into the All State Hot Chocolate 5k to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews

1. The swag is AMAZING. Seriously, there isn't another road race that compares to what you receive from the Hot Chocolate runs. I still wear all of my jackets I've received. They're the perfect weight for running in the cooler temperatures or just wearing when you're out and about. Another fun feature is that you will almost ALWAYS run into someone who will say, "Hey! I ran that race too." BAM! Instant connection with another human being. You'd be surprised at the amount of runners there are out there.

2. The course in St. Louis is gorgeous. Through Forest Park is always scenic and beautiful. Definitely hilly but gorgeous nonetheless. Anytime a race comes up and I know the course will be in Forest Park I know that a PR isn't exactly going to happen but I'm guaranteed a lot of beauty and a fun environment to run in!

3. Hot Chocolate afterwards. I mean, need I say more? Who doesn't love hot chocolate on a cold morning? Sure, beer usually is the go-to post run beverage but try it out and you won't be disappointed in the least, I can promise that.

4. Free race photos. You have the option to purchase high resolution photos but if you want a free version, it's there and easily accessible almost immediately after the race.

5. Parking and transportation is a breeze. I love the availability of bus tickets to take you from off site parking to the race start and back afterwards. Forest Park can get pretty congested especially with road closures so having the option to park off site and get to the race extremely easy is such a perk. I can't tell you how many races I was worried about making it to the start in time due to the lack of transportation or the poor planning on the transportation part of the race direction.

6. It's just fun. This is a race that people do just for fun and that means something to me personally. I love races where there are a lot of serious runners as well but there's something about tons of people coming together to run or just to walk and have a great time. These races are super laid back and chill, you feel this throughout the entire race from the packet pick up to the post race party.

Next year don't miss out on the Hot Chocolate race here in St. Louis and also bee on the lookout for this race in a city near year!


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