Tunnel Hill Training - Week Eight!

9:57:00 PM

Week 8 was definitely a success in my book! This week was a down week so the workouts weren't as intense and the long run wasn't as long as last weeks but it was definitely needed. I was able to really appreciate the work that I've been putting in. I have felt the results of the past 7 weeks speed workouts and just felt stronger all around! Here's how it went...

Day 1 : Monday 9-10-18

Rest Day

Day 2 : Tuesday 9-11-18

Tuesday was a crazy day! Started on the track with my track buddy (HEY ALISSA <3 ) at 4:30 and we got in 4 miles... Later that day I was able to get in 4.8 miles on the bike at my parents house! It's funny going over there in the middle of the day because they are at work so the boys get wildly confused when we walk in and it's just us there! Their dogs, on the other hand, love it because they get love and treats from me!

Day 3 : Wednesday 9-12-18

Oy! This workout was something else... First I had the wrong workout input into my Garmin so after my warm up I had to save those miles and redo the workout so that it was accurate. Then once I finally got into the workout and Charlie decided that was when he was going to poop THREE times while I was in the heart of that speed session. Then at the end I was .01 miles off of having a rounded number and me being weird about it, had to turn my Garmin on for a THIRD time and round that baby up so it didn't bother me the rest of the week!

My legs felt good, though! I'm loving speed work here lately!

Day 4 : Thursday 9-13-18

5 easy, nothing spectacular or earth shattering but it felt good!

Day 5 : Friday 9-14-18

Cross training! I tried out a new workout with my Mom thanks to one of her incredible friends who gifted us each with 3 Barre3 workouts! I can't say enough good things about this place, the workout was incredible and the space itself was welcoming! I definitely feel like I may have to incorporate this gym into my routine as regularly as possible. Also, I was SUPER sore the next few days as well! Definitely a butt kicker!

Day 6 : Saturday 9-15-18

LONG RUN! Since this week was a down week the long run was only 15 miles, I honestly never envisioned myself saying "only 15 miles" and considering that an easy amount! Anyway, it was super hot, way more than I had anticipated... The first 14 I did with Alissa and the last mile I had to tackle alone (she had her daughters soccer game and was on a tight schedule)... I do have to say that last mile was mentally exhausting being alone after having a friend the first 14! The run went overall pretty well, a few miles where we had to slow it down, walk a little and take it easy but there were plenty of others that we were killing it!!

Day 7 : Sunday 9-16-18

Holy soreness! My mom and I got in these 4 miles and basically walked the entire time. The Barre3 workout and long run back to back was intense! Thankfully I had my Mom who was willing to walk them with me in the heat! <3 <3 <3 


I'm just really happy with how this week played out, I had really great people to run with and just felt stronger all around. I'm looking forward to starting week 9, and I can't BELIEVE we're already to week 9!!! Time is flying, Tunnel Hill will be here before we know it :) 


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