Tunnel Hill Training - Week Six and Seven!

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Man have the past couple weeks been crazy.
I'm condensing these two weeks into one post because we were so crazed with the holiday, my birthday, a little birthday trip and a short lived knee injury (more on that later)

Anyway, I'm going to give a rough breakdown of how these weeks went and then will be back on track for Monday's weekly training post!
Thank you for hanging in there with me and following along via Instagram.



Day 1 : Monday 8-27-18

Rest Day.

Day 2 : Tuesday 8-28-18

6 miles with speed work.
I remember feeling overwhelmed during this run. I felt like I was pushing really hard and not getting anywhere near what I knew I was capable of. I know not every run can be excellent and this is just proof that it's okay to be "off" some days!

Day 3 : Wednesday 8-29-18

Got in 5.5 easy miles with some friends, met up at 4am and it felt good to be out with a group just chatting and running!

Day 4 : Thursday 8-30-18

The final day of the Alpine Race Series (Which i will recap soon, promise!)... The course was changed a couple times due to weather and the majority of the race was nice and flat. The end, however, was intense!! So much climbing and descending. I was a little mad at myself for pushing harder on the flat section, I was under a false sense of security I guess!

Anyway, it was such an incredible series and I can definitely say that I'll be signing up again for the series next Summer!

Day 5 : Friday 8-31-18

LONG RUN! So I had my coach move my long run to Friday because we were going out of town Saturday into Sunday for my birthday. I got all of these miles in solo while my Mom watched the boys. These miles felt awesome and I was even able to take a break at the half way point and watch the start of the UTMB!

Day 6 : Saturday 9-1-18

-Woke up early and got in 3 recovery miles! We were leaving around 8 so I had to get a jump on things. The treadmill was my friend that morning and the miles felt great!

Day 7 : Sunday 9-2-18

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Got in a 2 mile hike with my husband and some friends out in Hermann, MO! The trail was a little bit more than we thought it was going to be, the entire first mile was basically straight up hill! We managed to make it and see these incredible views, definitely worth it in my opinion!


Day 1 : Monday 9-3-18

Rest Day.

Day 2 : Tuesday 9-4-18

7 mile progression run! These runs make me nervous, to be honest all speed work, even though I love it, makes me nervous. I tend to talk myself into a frenzy and never believe that I can actually hit the goal. Anyway, I hit the goal, I was super proud of myself!

Later that evening I started to feel some knee pain in my left knee. I knew it felt off so I figured to be safe I'd let my coach know asap so I didn't hurt myself horribly by running on an injured knee.
She suggested that I take the next two days off and just see how it felt after that. I iced and iced and iced some more, took care of my knee and just stayed off of it as much as I could!

Day 3 : Wednesday 9-5-18
Day 4 : Thursday 9-6-18

Knee Rest.

Day 5 : Friday 9-7-18

I was feeling better so I was given the green light to test out the knee! I got in 4 miles pain free on the treadmill and was beyond excited that taking the time to take care of myself was what I needed!

Day 6 : Saturday 9-8-18

LONG RUN! So, we had a lot of rain hitting us in the AM and then later in the day as well. I ended up opting to get in my long run on the treadmill. That's right, 18 miles on the treadmill! Thank goodness for Netflix! I watched Breakfast Club and almost all of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. These miles actually flowed quite nicely and I never felt too crazy from running in place. I did break every 40 minutes to fuel just as if I were out on a path or trail. I'm still working out my nutrition but PBJ and Peaches are my Go-To food items at the moment!

Day 7 : Sunday 9-9-18

6 Recovery miles. I met up with a group to run with and did my first 3 with them, they kept going and I turned back around and finished my last 3 solo. I negative split this run and I have to say, it's the best I have felt coming off of a long run!!! Getting stronger and feeling great!


Basically these two weeks were intense and crazy busy! The next few weeks seem to be calmer on a personal level and I'm looking forward to the down time to spend more time with my family and really focus on my training, cross training and stretching specifically!


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