Spring into Summer Workout Series with Sworkit - #2

9:48:00 AM

Nothing says Monday like a new Sworkit workout in the Spring into Summer Series!

I'm having so much fun creating and completing these workouts! It's so  nice to be able to squeeze in a quick 20 minute workout in the middle of a hectic day. Seriously, this app has just been a life saver, bottom line. We are all busy but there's no more excuses as to why you aren't getting in those workouts, make some time in the comfort of your own home and get at it!

This workout is very upper body and core intense. I wanted a workout that would give my legs and knees a little break, as I am running and training at the moment. I also wanted a workout that wouldn't be too loud so I could complete it once the boys were all asleep!

I have to say, out of all the workouts I've created, this one is one of the more intense for me. I did 20 minutes with a 30 second break every 5 exercises and I was exhausted afterwards!

To top it off I took the leap and created a Spotify account and listened to the "Throwback Jams - Sworkit Workout Playlist" while doing this workout. This kept me super motivated and took my mind off of the intensity of the workout while I sang some of my favorite songs! :)

I also got an email that I could get 3 months of premium Spotify for 99c so I am totally going to jump on that and have way more control of what I listen to while I'm working out! I am thinking that once you sign up for a free account they will send you that email? I hope so because it's such a great deal and I want you all to be able to have that opportunity as well!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Go grab the WORKOUT and the SPOTIFY App and get your Summer body started!

Be sure to share your progress, thoughts, before and after pics using the hashtags...
#nogymnoexcuse #SworknScribbleSummerSpring

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