Why I Run.

6:27:00 AM

So I talk a lot about training, about fitness and about running.
What I don't talk a lot about is they why behind it all.
Today I want to share that with you, honestly I apologize that it has taken this long.

I run for many reasons.

One being it gets me out of the house, gets me that much needed alone time.
I stay at home with my boys all day, every day
I love this job, I love being with them every step of the way when they're this little.
However this doesn't mean that I don't need some me time squeezed in between all the hugs, cuddles and tantrums that ensue throughout the day.
I love that I have a husband that understands this, a husband who gets it and who is encouraging.
He is really great at saying, "Go, take some time, just run." When he can tell I'm about to lose my mind.
There are times where I feel extremely guilty for going out on a run, leaving my family to fend for themselves during that time I am away.
Then I step back and have to realize that what I am doing is benefiting them in ways beyond measure. Keeping myself grounded, stress free and happy is going to help me to be a better Mother and Wife to those who depend on me to be so.

Two being health.
This may seem obvious but I wasn't always a runner.
In fact I was the furthest thing from being a runner just about two years ago.
Sure I ran a couple races years ago, and did a handful of 5k's and bootcamps but nothing ever really stuck.
It wasn't until my second son was born that I really got into this lifestyle.
I knew that I needed to be healthy and that I needed to do something to get myself into shape, not only for myself but for my family as well.
Let's face it, I want to be around as long as I possible can for them.
I never planned on running, it just sort of happened and I became enthralled with the lifestyle.
I love knowing that what I am doing is not only giving me an outlet for my stress but it is also helping me stay fit and healthy at the same time.

Three being the community of runners.
This community is one that I would have never even thought of being there, however they are ever present, ever encouraging and ever helpful.
I love interacting on all social media platforms with every runner I can find.
I love listening to all the running podcasts, in particular BibRave right now.
It's incredible the resources for any question I may have, and I have never once been made to feel inadequate with anything I have inquired about.
This community supports one another so incredibly, in a sport where you may think is a one person game.

Bottom line, I love to run.
I love that this sport has taken me in and swept me up in it.
I love that it doesn't matter how old I was when I fell in love with it, running doesn't care the way many other sports do.
I love the simplicity of it, the pure raw nature of it.
The beauty of it.

This is why I run.

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  1. I love this so so much!!! Running has become an everyday part of life for me and it has changed me in more way than I ever expected it to.


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