Bridal Bootcamp Week 6 : Squat To Tie The Knot

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With Valentine's Day yesterday we felt it was appropriate to end this incredible series around Valentine's Day!

Wedding season is right around the corner so keeping this entire series in queue on your Sworkit app just makes sense ;)

Make sure to check out all the other previous weeks here:
Okay so since this is the last week I wracked my brain for a tip that I wanted to share with everyone that really spoke to the essence of what a wedding is... Here we go...


**Photo booth <3 **

I know, sounds simple enough, right? But when you've spent so much time planning for this one day it's really easy to get caught up in every single little detail. Wanting everything to go perfectly and forgetting to just let yourself enjoy the day without anxiously anticipating every single move of the day. When the wedding day comes, what's done is done, you have planned and planned and planned some more so everything is going to happen as it will and let's be honest, pretty much everything will go as smoothly as you could want. There may be a hiccup here and there, case in point, my wedding day, I forgot my bra and corset at my parents house so when the time came to get in my wedding dress we were scrambling to find it. My sister, also my MOH drove back and grabbed it, crisis averted, however it was a stressful period of time because we only had the church for an allotted amount of time. Looking back, I love telling that story, using it as a lesson and an example for all of my friends getting married that things happen, you just have to let go and let yourself enjoy it all. After all it's only going to happen once, your wedding day will only be one day, don't miss out on it, you'll regret it every day if you do.

Now, what you've been waiting for... The final workout for this series is here...

Complete at least a 15 minute workout 2-3 times this week! Also feel free to mix in the past workouts as well!

Be sure to share your progress, thoughts, before and after pics using the hashtags...
#nogymnoexcuse #scribbleandsworkitbridalbootcamp

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I have enjoyed creating this series for you all SO much! I have loved every minute of reliving my wedding day and I hope that along with my tips and workouts you too can have the PERFECT wedding day, all around!!!


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