2017 Bridal Bootcamp Week 4 : To Be Fit

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As we near the end of January (seriously, how is that already possible?!) we are entering the beginning of wedding season, or at least in many peoples minds anyway.

With that being said let's jump on into Week 4 of our 2017 Bridal Bootcamp with Sworkit!

Tip #4 : Have a friend carry your camera or cell phone around for the entire day. Don't be tied to it entirely, sure you may want to upload a picture after the ceremony or on the party bus but don't let it take over your day. You want to get as many candid photos as you can so let a bridesmaid or your MOH take care of that for you. Instruct them on what you are wanting in your pictures and let them show you a few here and there. 

Don't let that fall on you otherwise you'll be tied to your device, going through pictures, editing the ones you like and before you know it you'll have spent your entire day worrying more about that than the actual day. Yes, you have a photographer but they'll be the ones to get the traditional photos, bridal party pictures, ceremony pictures and the standard ones at the reception (none of that can be replaced so don't think I'm suggesting otherwise)... Just let it go for one day and allow one of your best friends to step up, they're the ones who know you best anyway so I'm sure they will totally understand what you want to capture and they can be the ones who get those priceless pictures on your own device to have forever!

Personally, I didn't have a smart phone at that time, I seriously had a flip phone so taking pictures on my device wasn't a thought that crossed my mind. I did let a friend who was a guest have my camera for the day and as much as I love the pictures she captured I wish I would have had a bridesmaid take charge and use my camera during the entire day while we were together.

This is the ONLY photo of the two of us that was taken by someone other than our photographer. It makes me sad to think that I didn't make sure we had at least ONE good one that wasn't taken by a professional. It's all I have so I cherish the heck out of it.
This weeks "To Be Fit" workout is the perfect full body workout for any bride! Hitting pretty much every part of the body you could want you won't be disappointed!

Be sure to grab the workout and complete at least a 15 minute workout 2-3 times this week! Also feel free to mix in the past workouts as well! (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3)

Come back next week for another tip and another workout!!!

Be sure to share your progress, thoughts, before and after pics using the hashtags...
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