Summer Workout Series #2 : Weightless Hourglass Workout

8:00:00 AM

It's officially here! Summer, that is and another installment of the Summer Workout Series with Sworkit! If you haven't checked out the original post, please do so here!

Moving right along.
Today's workout is perfect to get your body into tip top shape without having to use any crazy equipment, weights etc.

This is one of my absolute favorite features about Sworkit, you don't need to go run and get your weights, bosu balls or risers in order to get in a great, butt kicking workout!

Here is a breakdown of the workout you will be getting by downloading this App and adding this custom workout to your channel!

I've been doing this workout the past couple of days and let me tell you, I can feel it!
I would love it if you would go and add this workout to your list and give it a go!

As always please be sure to tag me and Sworkit (IGFBTW) in all social media posts regarding these Summer Series workouts, also using the hashtags #summerworkoutseries #nogymnoexcuse

I would love to see and hear about everyone's progress either in the comments below, on social media or a private email!

Happy Summer, everyone!
Now go get your workout on!

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