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So if you're anything like me you have a ton of old wine corks stuffed away in a drawer somewhere just collecting dust.
I had been collecting for a few years now and have never really had anything to do with them, however I refused to throw them away.
I finally decided to drag them out and actually do something with them.

I had seen these letters that were made using wine corks all over Pinterest and beyond. I had never really paid much attention to how they were made, but it couldn't be too hard, right?!


I grabbed my glue gun, my wine corks and a small "L" I had leftover from another project that just didn't pan out.

Now I am going to share it with you in hopes of inspiring you to make one of these yourself or for someone you know!

What You'll Need:
1. Wine corks, quite a few!!
2. Letter of choice. I had an "L" I had purchased from Michaels for a couple of bucks.
3. Hot glue gun.

What You'll Do:
Step 1: Gather supplies.

Step 2: Put the hot glue on the back of your wine corks and start placing them on the letter.

Step 3: Show off and display!

And voila!!

Seriously, this is SUCH a simple and fast craft. I couldn't be happier with the results and it fits the aesthetics of our kitchen just perfectly!

What are your go-to crafts or things to do with your left over wine corks?!

If you give this a try please let me know, tag me on any social media or shoot me an email with your final project! I'd love to see them all!

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