My thoughts on being easy...

9:43:00 AM

First, get your head out of the gutter... Sheesh.

Moving on, Christmas shopping.

For some, this is an easy task and many have been done with their shopping for some time.

Not this girl.


On a scale of one to being completely done... I would say I'm at a four.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I need to get my act together but seriously, somehow this years seems way more difficult than years past and I'm pretty close to having a panic attack when I think about it all. Hello you are going to be my new best friend for the next few days while I browse page upon page of goodies that will scream "put me in your cart nowwww"

In which I will oblige and order things that I'm sure I will end up thinking, "what the heck was I thinking when I purchased this?!?"


Okay, so what does the title have to do with all of this?! Oh yes, being easy, apparently that's me! I have very opposing thoughts on being easy to shop for. On one hand, that's great, I'm glad I can make everyone else's shopping experience enjoyable while I sit here pulling my hair out attempting to pick out the perfect gift for them. On the other hand, I hate it, I very much dislike being easy to shop for, makes me feel just weird, materialistic, just all around bad. Do I really want that much, or do people really think I need a lot of things?!

Personally, as much as I love Christmas and giving presents {really that's my favorite part, the giving and seeing people get excited about a particular gift, just makes me all happy!} I am beginning to dislike receiving gifts.

I mean, if I could spend Christmas just hanging out with both sides of our families without the pressure of presents I would be a much happier person... After all, isn't that what it's all about?!

Have you done all you Christmas shopping yet?!?

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  1. We aren't doing presents this year. With either side of the family, minus the little ones and a couple small gifts, of which I am making 99% of them. So....the stress. Gone. Having to drag myself to the store. Gone. I LOOOOOVE it! :)

  2. Me too! I love "giving", but I hate the stress of buying, all that you are "required" to spend, and all the hubbub. For Secret Santa this year they upped the limit to $50 for our family. Inflation...geeze. Haha.


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