Happy Twelve Cubed Day!

9:47:00 AM

Don't make fun of me for the title, my uncle posted it to Facebook earlier this morning and I chuckled at it... Therefore it became today's title. I wonder how many people are going to be getting married today, or doing everything they can to have their babies?!? I mean, if I were in any position where this day could be made significant I probably would do it...

Anyway... I've been slacking on Instagram here lately, don't hate me. I am going to go ahead and share the few pics I posted this last week...

1. I have been enjoying all of my new Scentsy products from the one and only Dani! Seriously, this stuff is awesome!! :)

2. One of my new favorite outfits... Found these boot socks at Target for $5, will definitely be going back and picking up some more of them!!!

3. So here's the story... Bought some beef jerky, had to bring it to work with me because Andrew gets home before I do and I was genuinely afraid he would eat it all and I would lose out. Well, this plan backfired because I pretty much devoured the entire bag at work that day. Or maybe it worked out fantastic...

4. Okay everyone, here's the deal... I have a slight obsession with just about anything from KiKi La'Rue ... This dress {The Black Piko Tunic Dress} I have fallen in love with and can not wait to wear it this Friday to Andrew's work Christmas party!! I'm already scouting out my next purchase...

Go check out Jenn's blog & link up yourself!

Also I am SOOO happy to announce that today you can find me guest posting on Janna's blog for her Perception is Everything series! 
I am so excited to be a part of this & hope that you stop by, check out my post & continue to read the rest of her blog... She is truly amazing!!! :)

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  1. Hey I had a bag of the jerky this weekend! lol you are not alone ;) I had a friend schedule her c-section today, cool birthday!!

    Great pics! Happy Hump Day!

  2. New follower here, also living in the Lou! Glad to find another STL Blogger!

  3. I don't think your beef jerky plan backfired at all! I'm also guilty of hiding food from my husband so that he won't eat it all while I'm at work.

    1. I'm guilty too! Whenever my other half is away for an evening, I buy little snacks that I love, but know he would eat all of if I had them in the house!

      20 Something Moments

  4. Stopping by from Janna's blog and already loving it here since you have beef jerky in this post ;)


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