What's my age again?!

10:50:00 AM

It's Okay...

That I LOVE to sit at home in the evenings & knit or crochet like nobody's business.

That I can't wait until this craft fair I am participating in on Saturday is here {& over} so I can start quilting again.

That I am more excited than any normal twenty-four year old should be for tonight's premiere of Breaking Dawn part 2...
... Don't judge, I will be at the 10pm showing tonight with my fifteen year old sister

That I am SUPER pumped for the three hour {two on one} Knitting Lesson I am taking with one of my bff's from high school this Sunday.
Hopefully it will lead to this result...
{short rows are a bitch & I'm determined to tackle them!}

That following this lesson we will be indulging ourselves in copious amounts of wine while watching LiLo in a more endearing state...

That after all of this I am seriously questioning my own age...

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  1. Love this post! So funny. I hope you have fun at the premiere tonight. You will have to let us all know what you thought :)


  2. I know the feeling! A few weeks ago it was a Friday night, I had just gotten off work and I was telling my mom how I had all the recipes lined up for the weekend and how I was going to catch up on cleaning our apartment and all my mom said was "you're the oldest 23 year old I've ever met." O well, I'm also making yummy food and having a clean house, so it's all good to me!

    ps Yay for Twilight!

  3. Amazing post! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!



  4. AHHH YES Twilight.... I KNEW I LOVED YOU.

  5. I question my age on a daily basis. :) It's ok. Haha!

  6. haha I act more like a kid than an adult. Makes me feel younger which is important.

  7. um mean girls IS the best. and I want to learn to knit so bad!

    Helene in Between

  8. LOVE Mean Girls! And there is nothing wrong with wanting to sit home on the weekends, I love nights in on the weekend. Sadly I don't have one this weekend, but I'm looking forward to making up for it next week for our long holiday weekend :-D

  9. Great post!

    Please check out my blog, I would love to read what you think of my latest post!

    P.s. I am your newest follower!



  10. Ummm I am never going to get too old for Mean Girls. Best movie ever.


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