Mexico Get Away Part II

10:26:00 AM

Here is how our days played out... We would wake up {and by "we" I mean me, he would usually get up around 7, go to the beach, read & come back to get me} around 8:30 & get to breakfast around 9. This usually included an incredible egg white omelet made to order, coffee and as many sides as you could ever want. We would then go back to the room, lather the suntan lotion on, get ready & go to the beach where we would set up camp for the entire day; where we would drink cocktails like they were water {seriously, the guy bringing around the drinks got to know what we drank & there were a couple times he would just bring us refills without asking... Who couldn't get used to that?!}

Around 3ish every day we would head to the lunch buffet & eat overlooking the ocean {gorgeous!} By the time we finished we would either head back to the beach for round two or go back to the room to take a nap, shower & get ready for dinner. 

The first two nights we made reservations at two restaurants on the resort, first night the Steak House, pretty darn good. BUT the second night was my fave, the Japanese Steak House {sushi galore} & I absolutely loved it, I conquered the art of chop-sticks... Andrew, not so much, he used his fork and knife {& was a bit bitter about my ability to just learn on a whim :P} We had an awesome waiter who introduced us to the Sake Bomb pretty much a jager bomb just with sake... & you just hit the table, the shot drops into the beer & bam, ya drink!!
Sake Bomb
The rest of the trip we just went to the buffet, where they had a make your own pasta bar {seriously, who comes up with this stuff... & maybe it's just me & this isn't that impressive but humor me please?} So after dinner we would make our way out of the restaurants to the outdoor seating where we spent our evenings drinking, talking, watching the band that was playing as well as the theater show they put on every night. So basically that is what the entire seven days consisted of & I loved every single second of it.

Here are some more pictures of our nightly adventures... check out our daytime happenings from yesterday's post HERE

The Hotel Lobby Bar area... gorgeous

What was the first thing I did when I got there?! Oh, ordered a Margarita of course!

We had this cute little guy on the bed when we checked in {Funny story, Andrew stole the head, yes just the head, and brought it home with us... it is now sitting on the shelf above his TV in our basement}

Um how sweet is this?!

Our room, view from the door

View from the living room area

Day two, this little guy was waiting when we got back to the room

Yummy breakfast... Seriously, best ever!

How classy, at dinner they even put Andrew's Pepsi in a wine glass

Dessert... everything coated in chocolate mmmmm

Where we sat in the courtyard every evening listening to the band

Margaritas, of course!

Some extremely nice stranger saw me trying to take a picture of us so he came up and offered to take one, super nice!

Band in full swing!

Our drinks


I was having a lot of fun with my new camera lol

The pool at night

Pina Coladas happened too!
I couldn't have asked for a better vacation with the best guy in the whole entire world! Tomorrow, the pics taken by the photographer on the resort, yay!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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  1. Wow, this looks like a dream! And those towel animals on the bed are adorable haha Great pictures! Make me want to go see Mexico for myself!

  2. I'm just so jealous. And I want a saki bomb now.

  3. Hey, I've nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award. Drop by my blog to check it out!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! I am ready to plan a trip to Mexico now! :)

  5. wow again! what a beautiful hotel - where did you stay again? seriously your vacation sounds perfect! great pic of the 2 of you! XO

  6. i'm glad you had a wonderful vacation! :D

    p.s. your hotel room looks amazing!

    <3, Mimi
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  7. This looks so fun! I have got to get Tyler to take a vacation with me!


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