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Right about now I should be on a plane wayyyyy up in the air on my way to Mexico for a week long getaway with my amazing hubby *I know, you're jealous & I'm sorry... kind of :P*

SO, instead of leaving my blog empty & lonely I have an exciting week of guest bloggers who are all extremely amazing!!!

First off I want to introduce you all to BREE from The Urban Umbrella, hers was one of the first blogs I started following so I thought it absolutely necessary to have her involved. I'm super thankful she said yes. Oh and did I mention I'm guest blogging on her site today too? No, well I am, so you should go check that out too :)

Without further ado...

Hey there Everyone!

I am Bree from The Urban Umbrella, a fashion and beauty blog based in Canada, and today I wanted to show you some of my Fall Style Staples!

With summer nearing a close, Fall is just around the corner! Oh it's there, lurking away and waiting to burst through the doors, overwhelming us all with lovely rustic colours, a cool breeze and some cold rain.
To me, Fall fashion is all about being cozy while staying chic - and dry. I live in one of the rainiest cities on Earth keeping dry is the #1 thing on my list when it comes to my Fall Fashion! But how to keep chic and keep dry? Now that's where it gets tricky! So today I am going to show you my staple Fall pieces to succeed in both!

Jacket / Bag  / Shirt / Jeans / Boots / Scarf

A nice leather jacket, like this one from Danier Leather, is the perfect Fall piece because it is a piece that can be layered when it gets chilly or can be worn alone with a shirt if it's one of those sunny cool days. Of course if you do not wear leather there are many Faux-Leather options out there so you can still achieve this look!
 Wearing a thick, cozy, soft plaid shirt underneath a leather jacket has a really cool, effortless feel while keeping you warm on those chilly days; Then layering a warm scarf  on top will keep you extra warm while adding a new edge to your look, you could wear a sparkly scarf or a printed scarf to make it more of an accessory to the outfit rather than a necessity. 
A really great pair of jeans can really make a wardrobe because they are so versatile and can be worn to so many different events. Jeans are always on my must-have list but they are especially important during the chilly months because they keep your legs cover and cozy stylishly. Investing in a great denim is never a waste of money, you will wear them over and over again and will be able to style them differently every time you do. The jeans above are from J-Brand which is a brand of jeans that I really love, I have only one pair but I wear them constantly! I chose the dark maroon wash because I feel like the colour screams "Fall" to me, it is such a warm hue but it still looks really neutral so you could style them a multitude of ways.
During Fall I tend to wear my jeans with a great pair of boots because once again, I like to keep warm and if your toes are cold then you're going to be pretty chilly all over! Fall is a time that I break out my goofy socks and cover them up with some super chic boots, like the ones I found at Steve Madden!
Lastly, I think a really great bag for Fall is a complete staple item! Summer bags are usually light, bright and fun and honestly by the end of Summer I am wanting a change - so I change it up pretty drastically and opt for a dark, rough and edgy look bag that has a bit more of a rocker edge.
Now if you feel like these pieces are too heavy for your Fall attire then you obviously do not live where I live! Our Fall is brutally cold from October onward until Winter, and our Winter chills to the bone! If you're lucky enough to live in a less severe climate then perhaps switch out a few of these pieces to cater to your cities temperatures! For example: forget the cardigan and switch the boots out for some nice flats!
I have always felt that Fall was the perfect time to take some risks with your clothing, try a more edgy look and have fun with masculine-inspired pieces like the Plaid shirt and Studded bag! It must be something about the brooding gloominess of Fall that makes it fun to dress a bit more rough and gruff. It's pretty fun and refreshing to change your look up from season to season and I see no reason to do it subtly, I like to dive into new looks and try new styles out so I can find out what really suits me and Fall gives us lots of options to try out!

If you'd like to see more of The Urban Umbrella then feel free to visit, just
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Be sure to check out her blog & follow along for TONS of great fashion and beauty advice!

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  1. I think a leather jacket is a MUST for Fall! I have several in different colors and they make the jacket transition easier. Have fun on your trip girl!!

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa, for having me Guest Post! It was a lot of fun!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Yaaay Bree! Great post girl! I have fallen in LOVE with that leather jacket! I think every girl should have at least ONE in her closet. I have one in black and a camel color. I feel the same way about boots too! I'm very excited about Fall!

    Melissa have an awesome trip!!! :D You have a lovely blog!

  4. Have a nice time in Mexico. Came to your blog through Urban umbrella. Nice blog.
    Do you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know will love to follow you back.

  5. Great idea for while you are away! :)

    Great post Bree :) I love leather jackets with shirts underneath. Luckily, Autumn isn't usually too rainy where I live but I love wearing a checked shirt, leather jacket, leggings and ankle boots (warm, cosy and hopefully chic!)


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