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Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I hope you're week is going great :)

Today I want to introduce you to a blogger that I absolutely adore, seriously she's one of my faves! Her name is Kate & she blogs over at Green Fashionista {I suggest you check her out... now!}


Hey there! I'm Kate from Green Fashionista and I'm gracing the fabulous Melissa's space here for the day :)
That's me at one of my happiest places.. and that would be on a cruise. My other happy place is Target :-P
I started this little blog of mine back when I was planning my wedding in 2010, but it kind of got neglected until about a year later due to all the big changes in our lives. We got married in June that year, moved from Connecticut to Florida in September, and bought a house in January. Craziness! 
We went from this:
to this:
...to this:
We closed a few days after our 1st wedding anniversary
If you come on over and visit me at Green Fashionista you'll find everything from recipes, to my shopping hauls, to beauty products reviews, to weekend recaps, to reviews of recent trips, to tips for practicing safe sun, and even recycling and conservation tips.. after all I am the GREEN Fashionista ;)
I've really enjoyed getting to know Melissa and reading her blog and am so honored she asked me to guest post while she is soaking up the sun in beautiful Mexico celebrating her birthday! She better come back with plenty of pictures of her enjoying the beautiful beaches with a yummy margarita in hand. 

Girl, you know there will be Margarita's flowing... & plenty of pictures to go around! :)

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  1. I have to add her, she's a Florida girl like me!! <3

  2. I will definitely add her! My blog is similar: www.domesticatedworkingwoman.blogspot.com

  3. Love new blog recs. Hope you're having fun!


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