Our Story Part 4

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This part of the story is probably my absolute favorite... We were back together, it wasn't always easy, there were still a bunch of hurdles we would have to jump but we were where we wanted to be, together. At this point I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I know, I was only twenty but I just knew it. The next year we spent working through a lot of our issues and just enjoying being together. We had talked a lot about getting married and we both knew that was the next step to be taken for us. {I was a little bit more persistent on the issue than he liked sometimes but I just couldn't help myself} Not too entirely much happened in way of story telling over the next year so I am just going to show you all some of my all time favorite pictures of Andrew & I, hope you enjoy! :)

spending some time at the Magic House {writing a poem for the Poet-Tree}

Let's Go BLUES! :)

Apparently I make him mad when I take a lot of pictures... He was getting revenge lol

At my surprise 21st birthday party Andrew & my parents threw for me! :)

Our first trip to New Orleans together! {We go there every year for my grandpa's birthday}

Andrew, Me & my grandpa... Did I mention my gpa lives in St. Louis too? He just goes to NOLA to party {this is his 79th bday in September of 2009}

Christmas at the Larose's

More New Orleans... this was our 2010 trip!
Tune in tomorrow for the engagement story! :)

<3 Melissa

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  1. So sweet! I was pretty persistent about marriage with my boyfriend at the time...Ha ha!


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