What I'm Loving Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday everyone! So today I am linking up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love for her "What I'm Loving Wednesday" Post. There are so many things that I am wanting to share with my fellow bloggers so what better way than to put them all together in one glorious post?!

Here we go...
I'm Loving my newest purchases from F21! {I will be doing a post on all of the pieces I purchased within the week... make sure you come back & check it out :) }

I'm Loving The Bachelorette "The Men Tell All" Episode. {Especially Emily's comments towards Kalon, absolutely perfect... can not WAIT until Sunday for the finale, who do you think she's going to choose?!?}
I mean, who doesn't just loooove Sean?!?

I'm Loving 50 Shades book 2!! {Definitely the best so far but rest assured that I will give my full report once I am entirely done with the series!}

I'm Loving this awesome Polish Swap! {Click the pic & go sign up now! Sign ups end today so go & get on it!!!}

Nail Polish Swap

I'm Loving my wonderful baby girl Mab {Yesterday was her birthday... the pic on the right was the day that we got her & on the left was from this past weekend... she just looks so different, especially in the face!}

I'm Loving this link up I participated in yesterday! {Seriously, I adore this blog & was so excited to "meet" a bunch of new bloggers! Stop by & check it out for yourself!}

I'm Loving my baby Khloe {too of course! Couldn't forget this little lover!}

I'm Loving Anna's recent post on LaurenConrad.com {found HERE}

I'm Loving my new summer foundation {actually it will probably be my favorite every time foundation but anyway, I will be doing an entire product review on this soon too!!!}

What are you loving this Wednesday?! Head on over to Jamie's blog, link up & share!! :)

<3 Melissa

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE your dogs, how adorable they are <33333 I have two dogs - two little white fluffy dogs that are so michevious and crazy and yet so sweet, I love them <3

    The Urban Umbrella



  2. i just started fifty shades of grey. I heard books 2 and 3 are better. i can't wait to get to them!


  3. Darling blog...glad I came across it! I am also obsessed with the Bachelorette right now.

  4. I just finished the last/third book of Fifty Shades. I'm a little lost as to what to read now. I was totally wrapped up in that series! My dog is named Chloe as well!

  5. Great picks! I recently bought fifty shades of grey -anxiously awaiting it's arrival!!
    I just signed up for the nail polish swap..so excited!
    & as always you're pups are the cutest ever!!

    Ali @ alizabethxoxo.blogspot.com

  6. Great post! I have yet to jump on the 50 Shades bandwagon, I keep telling myself I will and it's taking me forever to finish the book I have on my kindle already *sigh* I'll get there..

    And I'm totally rooting for Jef!!

  7. haha..great post..love the dog photo..very cute:)


  8. i can't wait for the finale either! i wanted sean to get picked but now i just want him to be the bachelor :)

    i just stumbled upon your blog and love it! i'm your newest follower
    xo brie

  9. I'm enjoying reading your point of view here in your posts.....I'm a new reader but will be back to check out more!

    Thank You.
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