Fun Halloween Lettering!!!

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Hey I hope everyone had a great weekend... now its time to get back to business!! This project I found not that long ago on an arts and crafts site for sale so I figured that I would give it a shot and do it myself... Just to see what would happen. I have to say that I am very happy with the results and definitely plan on doing many more of these with different words maybe even some sayings as well as for different holidays!!!

Today I am going to go through how I made these extremely fun and cute Halloween "BOO" frames!

First here is a list of supplies you will need:
3- 4X6 colored picture frames (color and size is really up to you)
1- piece of decorative halloween or plain colored paper
1- piece textured paper (this paper will be for the lettering so make sure that it will stand out against whatever background paper you use)
Paper cutter
Mod Podge or any time of glue you have laying around!
Computer & Printer (printer paper)

Step One: Take the frames apart and use the inserted pictures as a stencil. Take the first piece of paper, the decorative halloween paper or the plain paper of your choice, flip it over and trace the inserted picture three times

Step Two: Cut out the pieces of paper using your scissors or paper cutter, (set aside)

Step Three: Using your computer and printer figure out what font you want your "BOO" to be. Then print out the letters in various sizes until you find the perfect size that will be glued onto the cut out pieces of paper (The size and font are completely up to you... big or small, it does not matter)

Step Four: Cut out the letters to use as stencils for Step Five

Step Five: Trace the letters onto the textured piece of paper you have chosen. (trace the letters on the smooth side of the paper, not the textured size)

Step Six: Now take the cut out letters, the three pieces of paper that you cut out in Step Two and the glue. Glue down the letters.

Step Seven: Now take the letters and put them into the frames!! Finished product will look something like this:

**This project can be done with so many different words, colors, sayings and holiday themes... completely up to you and what it is you are wanting out of it!**

Post pictures in the comments of your own creations using this method!!

Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly
-Lauren Bacall

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