DIY Centerpiece!

11:54:00 AM

So I decided to make a centerpiece from inspiration that I found on Pinterest.

<---Here is the inspiration piece 

So in order to achieve a cheaper and bit smaller look I started by heading to my local dollar store. I picked up three small candle stick holders along with three different sized and shaped regular standing candle holders...  

I then used my hot glue gun and glued each candle stick to the bottom of one of the regular candle holders and the result looked like this...

After they are completely dried and sturdy I filled the candle holders with various decorations (candy corns, fall flowers and some fun fake eye balls... really, you can fill them with whatever you want, even if it is not candles!)
My final result looked like this...

I am still playing around with the design and what I want to put inside of them (I am also having my dad take them and sand blast me and my husbands initials into them... just to add a little something personal)

What I love most about these is that you can change them for every single holiday! The cost of these three together I did for around $12!!!

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. - Cecil B. DeMille

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