Vine to Wine Half Marathon Recap

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So it's been a while since I have written here. I honestly just felt a little overwhelmed with some stuff going on and just didn't have the drive to keep up with intriguing and quality content, instead of writing just to put something out I figured taking a break would be the best thing to do.

So much has happened the past couple months and I can't wait to catch everyone up and rekindle my love for writing in this space at the same time!

The last time we checked in I was in training for a half marathon, the Vine to Wine Half on September 9th! I originally was planning on a Full Marathon, however an injury occurred so I decided it best to take it a little slower and only go for the 13.1 this year!

The Vine to Wine has come and gone and I wanted to share my experience with everyone here!

My husband and I decided that we were going to stay overnight the night before in the town that the race was being held, Greenville IL (we are in the St. Louis, MO area). It was a little over an hour away and I was afraid of being super stiff the morning of had we chosen to drive in race day.

The race offered a 10% discount at a local hotel for all race runners, it was a very reasonably priced hotel and with the discount it was even better. I was quite happy with where we stayed, however I wish they had had a little bit of a nicer workout room (I had planned to run a mile or two when we showed up to the hotel before going to pick up our packets, however only one of two treadmills was working and a lady was already occupying the one, so I wasn't able to get in any run).

We checked in and hung out at the hotel for a little while. My husband attempted to nap and I went down to the pool, put on the BibRave podcast and just sat with my feet in the pool and listening to that weeks podcast!

A little before dinner time we headed over to the winery (The Family Vine), where the race was going to be held, to pick up our packets. We also sat outside, indulged in a couple beverages and ate dinner. My husbands brother and his wife were also running in the 5k and chose to join us that evening to stay the night and met us for dinner and drinks as well!

We headed back to the hotel and settled in for the night. I sat out all of my gear and took the obligatory #flatmelissa photo for Instagram.

I slept pretty well that night and was ready to get up and get going when my alarm went off on race day. I woke up, got dressed, made some coffee and headed down to the continental breakfast. I grabbed half a bagel with some cream cheese. I was struggling in the bathroom department and had hopes that I would be able to go before the race at the winery, this did not happen and had some major effects on my running.

We met up with a couple of our other friends, who were also running the half, who drove in that morning, at the winery. I will say this race was super nice because it was probably one of the smallest races I've ever run in. I liked how the starting line wasn't crowded and we were able to get right up front and not feel crowded.

Countdown commenced and we were off. The first few miles went quite well, the course was gorgeous and we were under nice shade. I was feeling quite strong at the beginning and had every intention of PRing that day.

Around mile 6 everything sort of fell apart. My bathroom issues came back to haunt me, the heat started setting in and we were no longer running under any shade. To top it off the course was quite hilly and I just hate hills and have always stunk at running them, I'm attempting to work on this so courses like this don't defeat me.

Either way I clocked in at 2:44:27 which was in no way close to my goal or my half PR.

I felt defeated about mile 10 and knew I wasn't going to be back by my predicted time so I shot a text to my husband just letting him know that other than feeling poopy everything was fine, it was just going to take me a while longer. He was extremely supportive and sweet, bringing me to tears on the course. I was sure to thank him for being so supportive and caring in that moment, because it was what helped me finish the race!

Crossing that finish line has never felt better, I was so glad it was over and also so proud of myself for completing the race!

After the race we got our wine glasses and wine tasting and hung out for a bit. We all decided to go and get some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and then headed on back home.

All in all I would say the weekend was successful and the race was very well organized and the course was gorgeous. The only problem was with myself and my inability to get past certain elements of the race and my own body. I am very proud to have finished and to have also stuck with a training plan, hitting all of my long runs and making it a priority instead of pushing it off like I have always done in the past!

I have many more races coming up this Fall and have already began planning out my 2018 races. I'll be getting into all of that in another post!

Well I think that about sums up my Vine to Wine experience and I would highly suggest checking it out if you're in the Midwest and looking for a nicely ran and lower key half marathon to run!

(All photos credited to my husband and brother-in-law)

I hope everyone has a great Monday and hope to see you back here next time!


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  1. I've definitely been in your shoes! Now I carry Pepto to every race just in case... �� Way to keep going and enjoy yourself anyway!

  2. All that matters is that you did it! So proud of you!


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