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With 2017 swiftly coming to an end, really where has the year gone, I have been signing up for races left and right it seems like.

I wanted to take a post to share with you all what races I'll be running in over the next couple months! I will also encourage those in this area to join up and let me know if you'll be there, I love making new runner friends!!!

Here we go:

Starting at the Muny in Forest Park we are going to be running through Forest Park and back to the Muny lot. This race is taking place on the St. Louis Blues home opener and it's also the inaugural Blue Note 5k! I'm looking forward to taking part in this race, which I will be doing with my Mom!

Taking place at Cuivre River State Park, we will be running roughly 8 miles of trails. This race is limited to 500 participants and we will be taking off in waves to avoid clustering of runners. This will be my first ever trail race and I couldn't be more excited. I will also be running this one with my Mom as well... She is where I get my love for running from!

I have to say this is probably the race I am most excited about. I have always wanted to participate in the Turkey Trot, okay maybe not always, but the past couple years I've been jealous of those who were able to swing it. Our Thanksgivings don't start until later in the afternoon so time in that manner was never an issue. However, the past couple years our boys have been young enough to where getting them together and packing up for an entire day of family would take hours and I would be so exhausted trying to get everything done. This year the boys are not only going to be cheering me on they will also be able to run in the children's dash after the 5k! Both my boys love running, I mean what kid doesn't?! But I have been really wanting to cultivate this love and can't wait to see them go with all the other kids on Thanksgiving morning! I will also be accompanied by my Mom and also a couple of my friends as well! Definitely going to be such a great way to start Thanksgiving!

On top of these three races my Mom and I are going to be volunteering at the Ozark Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run on November 4th/5th

I am planning on running this race next year so I figured it would be a good idea to support the race this year and volunteer my time. On top of that I also thought it would be a good idea to get an idea of how this particular race runs. I am looking forward to helping out the runners and cheering them on while working at an aid station. I am really excited to learn from these runners and their crews and also to be able to help support a race with my time!

So if you're going to be around during any of these races I would love for you to sign up and run!!!


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  1. These all sound like great races!!! We have 9 races left this year and I can't wait!


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