Fitness Friday - Let's Talk Water

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Happy Friday!! We made it to the end of another week *yay!*
With that comes another installment of Fitness Friday!

Summer is literally RIGHT around the corner, with that comes severe heat and humidity, well at least where I am from. While I am looking forward to days at the pool and outings to our local zoo with the kiddos, I am not looking forward to misery that is the heat.
Which brings me to today's topic of water.
Summer means pools, lake trips, float trips, running through sprinklers, sure, but what I want to take a moment and talk about is our water intake during these hot hot months!

So, we all know that we should be getting 8 glasses of water a day, or at least that's what we are being told by pretty much everyone out there.
While this is an excellent starting point I did a little extra research to see just how much water would be ideal for my body.
What I can best conclude is that, for every pound you weigh you need an ounce of water. So say you weigh 100 lbs. then you should, ideally, be getting 100 oz. of water during a day.

I liked that idea better than the generic 8 glasses of water!

Personally, drinking water is something I actually have to think about and make myself do. Especially if I was wanting to get as many ounces as I needed. So what did I do?! I got an app for that!

I ended up choosing Waterlogged (check it out here).
There's nothing crazy about this app, other than you can use their predetermined glass sizes or create your own. Then as you drink you just input which glass size you drank and voila.

They start you off at 64 oz., which is the recommended amount, however I knew in my mind I needed well more than that, so I just went into the settings and changed my daily goal. Simple as that.

Once you have hit your goal for the day you get a fun little notification.

And you can keep going for the day as well and it will continuously keep track.
There's nothing insanely crazy about this app other than it raises your personal awareness about how much water you drink, which for me was what it was all about.

I always knew I needed to drink more water, but it was way easier said than done. With proper motivation and a way to actually see the results, I have been much more successful in my endeavor.

If you aren't a fan of just plain old water there are tons of options for infusing your water in a way to make it tastier and more enticing!

Here are just a few I'm looking forward to trying out myself this summer.

- Ice
- 1/4 cucumber, cut into slices
- 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
- Sparkling or regular water

- Ice
- 1/3 cup slices fresh pineapple
- 1/4 cup fresh coconut chunks (outer shell removed)
- Sparkling or regular water

- Ice
- 1 kiwi, peeled and cut into slices
- 2 strawberries, hulled and cut into slices
- 1/2 lime, cut into slices
- Sparkling or regular water

What is your favorite way to infuse water?! Do you think you will give this app a try?!


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