It's been a while

11:20:00 AM

Really guys it's been a while... Having a four day weekend is just not normal for me so I decided to enjoy every minute of it {& unfortunately blogging just didn't happen even though I had every intention of doing so}

Now that I am back to the real world...

I'm going to share with you all some of the fun stuff that happened this Thanksgiving weekend :)

Wednesday night
visited a friend in the hospital and then had my sister, cousin and bff jess over for some wine & girl time!
**Sister, Me, Cousin**
Quite a bit of wine was consumed by this point... As if you couldn't tell

Thursday, Turkey Day
spent it with both sides of the family, ate entirely too much & by the end of round one Mab was ready for her afternoon siesta.
                Recipe for this pie can be found HERE! <--- Best. Ever.

I also came to the conclusion that I really want a TV in my kitchen. While I was baking I had to just listen to the parade & had no time to actually watch it. I look forward to the parade every year so it was kind of sad.

Friday & Saturday
really just flew by.
Shopping, decorating for the holidays, more family and friend time.

The tree all up and decorated

The start to the mantle

Then game night commenced!

Oh & also, this quilt has been happening lately as well, I am going to be giving it to my cousin tomorrow for his little girl, just wanted to wait until I was giving it to him before sharing it with you all :)

Sunday, just chilled out, worked on the afghan that I am crocheting :)

So that's about it! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, let the Christmas season begin!!

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  1. Busy busy weekend missy! Absolutely love that picture of you and your friends with just a bit to much wine in your system. I will definitely be trying the yummy pie out. Mab looks so funny in the back seat! Oh and your christmas tree is adorable <3

  2. That pie looks deeeeeelish! I also love that you've already started you're decorating. I need to get on that this week; I can't wait to get my tree over the weekend!

  3. That pie looks wonderful! Love your tree also.

  4. A pie of HEARTS?! WHAT?! Oh, I just love that.
    Also, be closer so we can have game night and wine. Lots of the last part.

  5. any chance you can teach me to quilt?? Looks awesome!

  6. My grandma spends a lot of time in the kitchen and so she also has a tv there, I've always found that a little strange. I do like having the radio on when I'm cooking, though!


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