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The second Thanksgiving is over I go into complete Christmas mode
{Okay confession, even before Thanksgiving is over I have been known to dive into Christmas}

Anyway, one of my FAVORITE things to do is curl up on my couch {with or without Andrew, he really isn't the "let's sit and watch Christmas movies all night" type of guy} and have a marathon, of what I would consider to be the best Christmas movies out there.

Instead of just sharing an arbitrary list with you all I have put together my list along with some clips and trailers from the movies!

Here are my top ten... Enjoy!!! :)

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Now I don't know about you but this is the funniest movie in my opinion. I will watch this one upwards of five or six times before Christmas comes, maybe even more. Just can't help it. **a little warning, if you haven't seen this movie I wouldn't go blaring this clip around an office or little kids, it's funny sure but for the adults in the house :)**

2. White Christmas: All around just a classic movie. We watch this every year at my parents house while decorating the tree. I can probably quote the whole thing, it never gets old!

3. Santa Clause is Coming to Town: I don't care how old you are this is just a great Christmas movie and the songs are just so darn catchy. I used to have this on VHS but a few years back I went out and bought a whole collection of old Christmas movies on DVD {including this one} so that my future kiddos will be able to watch it!

4. RENT: I don't know why I just associate this movie with Christmas. Maybe I am the only one, and I'm okay with that!

5. ELF: Do I really need to explain why this is on the list?!

6. Miracle on 34th Street: This version is my absolute favorite!

7. The Santa Clause: Every single one of these movies are amazing. I just really enjoy this scene from the first one :)

8. It's a Wonderful Life: Growing up this was always my Dad's FAVORITE Christmas movie so we all were forced to watch it even if we didn't want to. Today I am glad that we did, I absolutely love everything about this movie!!

9. The Family Stone: Now I couldn't find a great clip that I wanted to share so the trailer will just have to do. I have already watched this movie twice and intend on watching it many more times. This has instantly became a staple in my Christmas movie list

10. Fred Claus: Vince Vaughn is hilarious and made me absolutely fall in love with this movie.

I could go on and on but I think these top ten will suffice for now :)

What are your "go to" Christmas movies?!

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  1. Christmas Vacation is on repeat at my house : )

  2. loooove Christmas Vacation so much!

  3. You have my top 5 favorite Christmas movies on here! It's a wonderful life as the first one, and white christmas as the second one. I am a old movies black and white type of girl! Great choices here hun <3

  4. Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause are my favs!

  5. Fred Claus and The Family Stone are easily two of my favorite Christmas movies! (And all of the Santa Clauses!) I found you on (my stalkings of) the blogs of Whitney and Amelia! Newest follower on GFC!


  6. Totally watched Christmas Vacation this morning, and my tops are Miracle on 34th, It's A Wonderful Life, Muppet Christmas Carol, Family Stone, and Love Actually!


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