Insta-Lately it's my Friday!!

10:55:00 AM

Now for another installment of INSTA-LATELY with Jenn!
Seeming as today is technically my Friday I'm super excited to be "ending" my week with this post {even though I may stop in tomorrow and share some things I'm thankful for, which are pretty much the same as everyone else... We will see how the night goes **see also picture 9: Mangria**}

1. I had no idea that it was SO hard to find little army men. Four stores & the Dollar Tree was the only place I could find them. Really?
2. I was having a bad day & to top it off, my water spilled all over my calendar. The only positive side to this is that it's November so I only have to deal with a crinkled up calendar for another month.
3. With said army men in picture one, I made Andrew some army men cupcakes in honor of the Call of Duty Black Ops II release.

4. "I Mustache You a Question..." Loving my mustache coffee cozy & enjoying some Starbucks!
5. How I spent my Saturday night.
6. Just waiting in line for Breaking Dawn Part II with my sister.

7. My bandanna cowl I made this past Sunday after taking a knitting lesson!
8. Seriously, shark tacos, best thing ever... I know I've shared similar pics before but let's be real, it doesn't get better than these little gems!
9. Let me introduce you guys to a little drink called Mangria. I will be doing a full review of this soon... Sangria infused with vodka, do I need to say anymore?! You can buy yours HERE

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  1. Those cupcakes are too cute, I wish I had thought of that before COD Black Ops 2 came out last week. H would have had 2 of his favs in one place! Cupcakes and COD lol


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