Where were you when the world stopped turning...

7:30:00 AM

...On that September day?

I was in Seventh grade, Literature class... I remember a friend of mine came to school late, she had an orthodontist appointment, she was sad & upset but didn't tell us why. Now I know that it was because she was asked not to, so that our Principal could. It was a weird moment, being so young I didn't really understand what was going on, we could tell all the adults were very saddened by the news, so we knew it was a big deal. Switching classes, we headed to History where our teacher turned on the TV, by this time the second building had been hit, we watched everything... Switched classes, continued to watch the footage, in that moment none of us really understood the magnitude of what was happening to our world & how this would effect the rest of us, forever.

The days that followed were still just as confusing, I don't think it was until much later {and by later I mean a couple years} that I actually realized what I had witnessed on that day; sure I knew it was sad, we all did... But being so young you just don't get it, now I do & it makes me that much more sad & hurt for everyone who lost a loved one on that day.

My thoughts & prayers go out to the victims & survivors of 9-11 {not just today, but everyday}

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  1. My experience on that day was eerily similar to yours. Thinking of everyone today, too.


  2. that day when I woke up my parents didnt have the news on like usual, & were acting sad& I thought it was weird but i went on & got ready for school- i was a junior in highschool...its crazy bc I went through 1st period still not knowing what was going on. it was like they were trying to hide it from all of us...until 2nd period & that teacher had the TV on & i found out. i still though was confused & didnt know what was going on. so sad. never forget. loveyou! XO

  3. I was pulling into work and heard it on the radio. I was so confused about what was going on. Then I didn't leave the TV for a week. It is a day we will never forget. God bless America!!

  4. We were at my sons school meeting for 1st grade teacher conferences when the first plane hit and we had no idea. We didn't find out anything until my brother called later to ask if I had seen what was happening. While we were watching the news on the phone together the second plane hit. I remember sitting in front of the tv for many days after that. In shock. Thinking that this couldn't be real. Wondering how in the world I could ever explain this to my sons. Their world is so different today because of the tragedy of that one day. Everyone's is. Thanks for sharing your experience. Blessings!


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