Mab & Khloe say "THANK YOU"...

7:00:00 AM

Okay okay before I get to the pups...
{let's be real... That's probably what got everyone's attention :P}

I'm going to start from the beginning...

I signed up for a Coffee Mug swap with two awesome ladies {HERE & HERE}

Coffee Mug Swap

This swap was AWESOME, because we didn't know who was sending us a mug. We were given a lady that we were supposed to shop for & were to "stalk" them inconspicuously to get to know them. Then all we had to do was send out our package & wait for ours from the mystery shopper! I was anxious & excited when the package came in the mail the other day. When I opened it this is what I found...

Absolutely adorable... I'm sipping coffee out of this mug as we speak! And the note?! Love, since my name starts with an "M" too I was even more thrilled... & all the pink, to die for! I was all giddy like a child when I saw this! {Go on & check out Mallory's blog The Grace of Southern Charm & show her some love}

Thank you so much girl!!!

Where do the dogs come in you may ask?! Well, see that little plastic baggy in the bottom left corner of the picture?! Dog treats... Seriously, girlfriend went all OUT & my pups GO NUTS for these things. Yes, my dogs go nuts for just about any treats but I can tell when they get EXTRA excited & these treats make Mab turn uncontrollably in circles {seriously, when she gets excited, she circles, I have no idea why but whatevs... I'll have to video-tape this}

So Mallory...
<3 Khloe & Mab
{pay no attention that Khloe looks like a scraggly pup, she needs groomed... Bad}

**Be sure to check out what I bought for another fellow MIDWEST blogger Stephanie over at The Slogans**

OH! One more thing... Maybe you could stop by this little ETSY shop & look around?! {}

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  1. Your pups are too cute!!! Mine goes nuts over treats too and that was SUPER sweet of Mallory to get those for your pups!!

  2. Well, your dogs stole this show, without a doubt. lol!

  3. What a fun swap!!! can your pups be any cuter...I just want to scoop them up! ;)Who and what doesn't like a little treat!

  4. I am glad you guys are all enjoying your goodies! Have a great week!

  5. ahh you know im obsessed with your dogs! theyre just too cute! but really i want you to knit my baby something!! lets chat! XO

  6. gah, that kills me!!! Sooo cute are your two furbabies! I'm your new follower...wasn't the mug swap fabbo, can't wait till the next one! :)


  7. Hi Doll, I love your Awesome blog! Congrats! I nominated you for an award, please check the post out on my blog @


  8. Your dogs are so cute! I love them! New follower :)


  9. Caught in the moment...


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