Introducing CRAFT-N-DASH...

10:43:00 AM

Is it Friday yet?! I'm already over this week... BUT on a happier note, last night I launched my ETSY shop {Craft-N-Dash}!! I have to give credit for the name to my husband, yeah every now and then he has a great idea ;) **love you dear**

Currently I have my Coffee Cozie's up & ready to go
{give me a week or so and I'll have a few more things added!}

I am so excited to finally be doing this, it's been an idea that I have been toying with for a while now! If you are looking for a specific color just let me know & I will see what I can do!

I have been knitting for just about three years & love it! There's something extremely calming about knitting, taking your mind completely off of whatever it is that is going on in life & instead solely focusing on this project... It's a great escape & such a fun hobby!!

Here are a few of my favorite projects I've completed...
{From Left to Right... Khloe's winter sweater; My first pair of Mittens *I ended up making three, put the thumb on the wrong side #fail; Baby blanket for my cousin's little boy; Just a little scarflet; Socks for Andrew}

With Craft-N-Dash I am hoping to be able to bring my love for this hobby to others! I am completely committed to this little shop and would love to hear feed back & am taking suggestions as to the types of items you all would like to see available for purchase! :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!
{Tomorrow I'll be sharing some pics from the Mug Swap I was involved in! YAY}

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  1. Weeeeee!! So proud of youuuu and your knitty skills!

  2. So cute!! Wish I had skills like that... seriously

  3. OMG Melissa, these are adorable and so perfect for winter! I can't wait to purchase a Coffee Cozie, and if you list the dog sweater I'm purchasing that too! lol.

  4. Soooo exciting! They're super cute and perfect for the cooler weather that's rolling in ;)

  5. Omgggg love the name! Go hubby! And how freaking talented are you?! I want a doggy sweater!! XO

  6. I'm about to go on a major pinning spree for my Christmas list on here, I can already tell n


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