Let the birthday countdown begin

9:44:00 AM

So my birthday is Sunday, which is pretty awesome because I am off work on Monday for Labor Day. While sitting here I was going to put together a wish list of all the things that I want but the more I tried the more I realized, there's nothing that makes me think "I NEED THIS!" Which I personally find quite interesting, I usually have a million things I could ask for on any given occasion. This year I just want to spend my birthday and the weekend with my friends and family, which is exactly what I am going to get. This weekend is going to be so much fun, bridal showers, girl's night, birthday brunch with some amazing ladies, dinner with the whole family & a baseball game with Andrew to round it out. I am extremely excited to get today and tomorrow over with so the Birthday Weekend can begin!!! Oh and the picture, just a little throwback pic of me and my sister when we were little... Seriously, what was up with my bangs, thank you mom! :P

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  1. Happy Early Birthday!!!! I hope you have a super blast this weekend. Even though It already sounds like you are! Take lots of pictures!!!! My boyfriend Kevin's birthday is on Monday!!! So I will be having fun this weekend too <3 How excited are you that its on labor day weekend again?! lol


  2. Happy early birthday!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend :)

  3. Holiday birthday weekend?! Double awesome! Happy day to you!


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