Friday's Letters & Friday Faves!

9:30:00 AM

Dear Me, I know you want to accomplish so many things in such a short period of time but just calm down & take a step back, everything will happen in its own time, don't rush it. Dear Andrew, thank you for always being there for me, you really are my rock & my best friend. I don't know what I would do without you. Dear Olympics, you start tonight and I couldn't be more excited, this once every four years thing is crazy, I need a little bit of Olympic gymnastics in my life way more often! Dear Weekend, well hello there again it's nice to see you so soon. Dear Emily {Bachelorette}, I am so happy you picked Jef & hope it works out for you both, you guys are just too dang cute! Dear Pups, I just love how excited you both get when I get home, scratching at the door & whining until I walk in just makes my day... Oh & I love how you guys go nuts over your treats and B-Line to your cages whenever I get one out, even if you don't have to! Dear Family, I am so excited to be together with everyone tomorrow for our cousin's wedding {I personally am excited to be on this side of the family wedding extravaganza, can't wait! Dear Andrew, I love you {that is all :)} Dear writer's block, could you please go away right now?! I want to write way more than I have lately & it's your fault I can't.

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Favorite Maxi...

Favorite Gift Idea...

Favorite Things That Remind me of Andrew...
He is King of "forgetting" to text back

You don't mess with a man & his Batman {this I know}

Favorite Truth...

Favorite Fall Previews {Did I mention that Fall is my FAVORITE season?!?}...

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Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. That maxi it's amazing! Love all of your pins :)

  2. Love the maxi dress and the sweet quote - so true, I love my dogs <3
    Love your letters - especially the one to Andrew, very sweet =)

    Bree from
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. I tried to reply through my page but it didn't let me! lol

    I know I am extremely excited for the Olympics too! I love watching Gymnastics! I am also super excited because a Cuban American is on the male gymnastics team! Yay! lol (Plus he's super cute) (;

    For vacation, we're going on a cruise for my boyfriends 22 birthday! I'm so excited because he havent had a real vacation in a while! Where are you guys going?!

    Oh and I love love loveeeee the maxi dress you posted up! Beautiful!

    Yesi <3 xox

  4. Aghhh. Those Fall outfits just made me die a little bit. So ready!

  5. Lovely letters, and LOVE those favorites :) :)
    Found you over at Ashley's for the link up! New follower :)

  6. New follower!
    I love your blog! My name is Melissa too, fellow furbaby momma, and a Cards fan haha Your blog just made me super happy =]

  7. i love that maxi dress! so cute! im excited for the olympics too! i love the summer ones! happy friday! xo kelly

  8. Yay for the Olympics!!! Can't wait!! And I LOVE all your fashion choices...we are on the exact same page, girly! have a super weekend!!

  9. Love your letters and love the picture of the girl and her dog :) So cute! I love that you love MOBOT too! I absolutely love it there- definitely need to go there more often to take pictures. I'm at that stage of having a new camera and needing to practice! Take care! HAve a wonderful weekend!



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