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Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope this weekend treated you all well, it was definitely a low key weekend for the hubby and I, such a nice change of pace for once :)

Anyway, now that summer is just about in full swing there is one question on just about every girls mind... "What should I wear?" Having asked myself this question, A LOT, I have come up with a little inspiration board to, hopefully, get you started in the right direction after the jump...

When it comes to summertime apparel it is very important to not overdo anything. In my opinion, unless there is a special circumstance, choose one piece and make that your eye catching or statement piece avoiding a lot of different brightly colored items, too much of a good thing sometimes is just too much (this is my own personal opinion however). Once you have made that choice, pick the rest of your outfit around it. In the first look, top left, I chose the bathing suit as such, and filled in the rest of the outfit around it. Second look, top right, it is very obviously the dress. The third, bottom, the poncho. Comfort is also very important, make sure that whatever you choose to wear is something that makes you feel your best, there is nothing worse than choosing an outfit and going out and feeling self conscious the whole time. The more confident you are the better any outfit will look!!

Want to shop these looks?! Click Here and head over to my polyvore site!

What is your personal summertime style?!

<3 Melissa

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