Knockaround Sport Sunglasses - Product Review

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Disclaimer: I received a pair of Knockaround Sport Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Whenever the opportunity to test out Knockaround sunglasses I always jump right on it without a second thought. This brand has been my tried and true for the past year. I find myself reaching for their sunglasses for almost every run... Read my past review HERE

When I looked at the specs for this Sport brand I knew that I was going to love them. Then when I received them and got to play around with them I was right. My absolute favorite feature of these sunglasses is the nose grip. I have always had a problem with my sunglasses falling down during my runs, specifically trail runs. I would always be finding myself pushing them back up and hoping they didn't slide off of my face.

I had the perfect opportunity to test these bad boys out the second they arrived. The past two summers I have done a trail race series, 4 races, 4 Thursdays and 4 different courses in the same park. I love this series and this is where these sunglasses had their true test. Immediately after the first race I was shocked, ask my Mom and friend who was there with me, I wouldn't stop talking about them and the fact that the nose grip didn't budge at ALL!

On top of the nose grip they have UV400 protection and are FDA approved impact resistant lenses with laser etch logo detail. Their durability is bar none. I am super hard on my sunglasses, I just can't help it, it's a bad habit but it is what it is. These sunglasses, let's be real all Knockaround sunglasses are extremely resilient and durable for absolutely everyone.

The best part, these Sport Sunglasses start at just $10 and can be fitted with polarized lenses for just a few bucks more. Before you go purchasing your own, which you totally should, be sure to use code BIBRAVEKNOCKS3 for 20% off your entire order (Limited to one use per user.)


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