Tunnel Hill Training - Week Twelve & Thirteen

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These last couple weeks have been so incredibly busy.
I deliberately didn't post about week twelve's training until now because over that weekend I didn't get my runs in. This had my long run overflow into week thirteen, so instead of having a really tiny training recap, I wanted to share it as part of a bigger post!

As we all know, life is crazy and things happen. We have to make choices and we have to live with those choices. October 13th and 14th my Sister-In-Law and I had our very first craft show. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and poured every ounce of ourselves into that event. This left me, personally, drained in every way possible. I worked my butt of from Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th. I barely slept and was just a mess.

Running took a back seat unfortunately, I was very unprepared for that entire situation.

I regretted it the second I had a moment to breathe, ask my poor husband who had to deal with a blubbering wife who was kicking herself in the butt for not running on that Sunday evening.

I made a choice. I had to live with it. I was not okay with it but it was my decision. Life gets crazy but that's not an excuse, I'm not making an excuse. I'm owning up to it, bottom line, and I know that next time around, my choice will be different.

There's no worse feeling as a runner then feeling like you've let yourself, your coach, those watching you, down. I felt like I let everyone around me down. True or not, that was my feeling and it was NOT a good one.

I digress.

The week prior and the week after were both excellent. Especially after this situation occurred. I doubled down. I'm more driven and focused then ever! This race, this is what I'm working for, this race is a PRIORITY!

Let's get to the training...


Day 1 : Monday 10-8-18

Started off Monday with an easy 5 miles. Kept the pace light. Felt good to shake out those legs after two 10 milers over the weekend!

Day 2 : Tuesday 10-9-18

This run was fun! Warmed up for FIVE miles. The last THREE were ONE MINUTE hard and then ONE MINUTE easy. I'm becoming such a lover of speed work, any sort, any time, speed work is my jam!

Day 3 : Wednesday 10-10-18

6 miles with this lady! It had been a hot minute since we ran together, life and injuries have kept us apart. It was SO nice to run together again, and it's so awesome that we can get these miles in while our kids are in school together! My son asks about her daughter EVERY time we walk into school, it's the cutest thing ever!

Day 4 : Thursday 10-11-18

Squeezed in these miles among craft show prepping! 6 steady, feeling strong!

Day 5 : Friday 10-12-18

Got in some early yoga and strength! I was working for the craft show from the moment I woke up until 2 am when I went to sleep.

Day 6 : Saturday 10-13-18
Day 7 : Sunday 10-14-18
^ See above story 

Day 1 : Monday 10-15-18

18 miles! Got in that long run... After the tears from Sunday night I needed this run. I woke up super early, got most of it done... Dropped the boys off at school and came home to complete the miles. I don't think I have ever needed a run as much as I needed this run. I felt like a weight was lifted after I completed it.

Day 2 : Tuesday 10-16-18

8 miles, rather speedy actually! I was feeling it! This was done after my Mom's birthday dinner and cake SO I had extra motivation to run that off =P

Plus I sweat like crazy and I laughed after I saw this picture!

Day 3 : Wednesday 10-17-18

I biked, it was glorious. The boys were at school so I was able to get it done on my own with no distractions! 

Day 4 : Thursday 10-18-18

4 miles followed by 4 strides. Again, nothing earth shattering but just another great run for the books!

Day 5 : Friday 10-19-18

More biking, on a crunch, was almost late picking up Oliver! No picture, there just wasn't time and THAT I was okay with skipping out on!

Day 6 : Saturday 10-20-18

REST DAY! An actual scheduled rest day!

Day 7 : Sunday 10-21-18

20 miles.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the long run?!

This run was a non-negotiable. I HAD to get it in. The way that happened was a bit unorthodox, however. The first 10 miles were glorious, the pace was excellent and surprising and I just felt GOOD. It also helped to be meeting up with my Mom throughout the run as well! Great moral support! Then I went to try to finish it up in a different park, reasons that just, it's just a lot of information. Anyway, long story short I just didn't feel comfortable running in that park. I know it's probably all in my head but I've heard too many stories lately and I'm a paranoid person at best anyway. SO, I ran 2 miles at the park, 4 miles back at my Mother-In-Law's on her treadmill. Then finished the last 4 up at home on our treadmill. It took me 4 runs to get in all 20 for the day. I was a little sad I wasn't able to get them all in at once and regret leaving the trail after the first 10 miles BUT at the same time, each run I was starting on more tired legs. There really was no true recovery time between these runs and I've convinced myself that while not ideal, it's still good practice running on tired legs multiple times throughout the day!

At the end of the day, I got it done! One mile at a time #noexcuses


Running is hard. Running is fun. Running is a priority.

We are SO close to race day it's making me a little nauseous when I think about it. Technically I haven't MISSED a long run, I did get my "dark" weekends long run in on that Monday, so there's that. I just need to trust in my training, that I've been putting in the work and that my legs WILL be ready when I get to that start line!

Here's to week FOURTEEN!


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