Dorm Room Workout Series : Fit in Five

5:12:00 PM

This weekend seriously flew by, almost like it never even happened!
We didn't do too entirely much, we have a jam packed weekend coming up so it was fitting to have one to just prepare!
We did get to meet up with some friends for dinner on Friday evening which was very much over-due and much enjoyed!

Today I am realizing just how little time I am going to have the next five weeks before we go on vacation and with that little time to spare I need to sneak it as many small, but effective workouts as possible. Not much unlike those of you who are now nearing the middle of your Fall semester, time is a precious commodity and what you do with your off time is all that matters.
With just five minutes of your time here and there, along with Sworkit and THIS workout, you can get yourself into butt kicking shape! This workout is intense and really all you need is a few five minute sessions when you can fit them in (Also, if you have more time please feel free to workout as long as you have!!)

I'm looking forward to this weekend so much and it's already Monday!
We get to visit my baby sister at College, go to a Fall Festival at my old grade school and on Sunday I am running my first half marathon in four years!
You will be sure to find me using the pee-wee out of this workout this week to sneak in some strength training on top of the cardio I'll be doing to gear up!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and enjoyed their weekend!! Let me know your thoughts about the workout in the comments below!

All you have to do is DOWNLOAD THE APP and then CLICK THE WORKOUT HERE and add it to your list of custom workouts!

Be sure to share pictures and updates tagging myself as well as Sworkit on all social media (IGFBTW), along with the the hashtags #nogymnoexcuse and #dormroomworkouts


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