Our Zoo.

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Monday's are my favorite days.
Andrew is off work on Mondays and the past couple weeks we have taken the boys and done some fun things around our city.

This week was by far my favorite trip we have taken with the boys.
We went to the St. Louis Zoo.
Anyone who isn't from this area, you are missing out.
The Zoo is free to enter, they do have exhibits that cost money, however the basic zoo visit is entirely free!
For Christmas this year we received a family pass, which includes parking, passes to certain activities that we would have otherwise had to pay for, discounts on food and gift shop items as well!

Oliver has never been the the zoo, we were so excited to take him!

Every animal we saw, Oliver hopped out of his stroller and stared, after a few minutes he got himself back into his stroller and said "More! More!"

Safe to say he enjoyed it!

Here are just a few pictures we got from the day!


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