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Recently I have been seeing a lot of friends on Facebook || Instagram etc., announcing that they are pregnant and I am beyond happy and excited for them.
I immediately go into, "I'm so happy for them! I hope they reach out to chat about stuff!"
Seriously, I love to share my experiences and thoughts on everything, but only when asked.
So this post is my way of sharing my thoughts and getting it out in the universe and my ever anxious system :)

One thing I learned from having my kiddos was, everything I packed for the hospital with O was pretty much unnecessary.
Okay, not everything but a lot of things. My bag was a lot smaller the second time around.

I will preface this with the fact that I had two C-Sections. So my time in the hospital was quite a bit longer than someone who does not. So I had a bit more time alone and without visitors than most probably will.

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1. Flip Flops - So this is one of my own personal pet peeves. I hate being barefoot in public, I just hate it. To top it off the hospital floors are slippery so socks alone will not do. I know it seems so trivial but I have talked to quite a few moms who have said they wished they would have remembered flip flops or slippers with a rubbery bottom. With Oliver it was February and it snowed so slippers it was, with Charlie it was July and hotter than all get out, so the flip flops. Either way, make sure you have something along these lines with you.

2. Nursing/Maternity Nightgown - Okay so after the adorable little baby is born and you go back to your room they let you wear whatever you want. I highly suggest a pretty nursing/maternity night gown. This is the easiest form of clothing to wear, easy to nurse in, go to the bathroom and move around in. Also, it's definitely a good idea to choose a size that you were at about six months pregnant. Everything is still quite swollen for a while so you don't want to get a size too small and feel uncomfortable.

3. Stretch Sleep Shorts - Now as I stated in number two, night gowns are the way to go, however some women just don't feel comfortable wearing nightgowns and just want bottoms. I was one of those people whenever I had visitors. I loved being able to get out of bed and feel somewhat put together having stretchy shorts or pants on. Maybe I was fooling myself, but whatever, it worked and that's all that matters.

4. Robe - This is my all time must have. I can't state this enough. A robe. No matter what time of the year. I constantly went from hot to cold and back more times than I can even remember. I was always flipping that thing on and then off. Plus, it's girly and it made me feel fresh and clean when I would wear it. Again, probably all in my head but that's neither here nor there. The bottom line is, you never know what the temperature inside a hospital is going to be and to top it off your hormones are so out of whack, at least mine were, that my body temperature went haywire. This also lasted for weeks after I got home *yay*

5. Toiletries - For me this was a tricky one. I wasn't sure what I was going to need/want so the first time around I went heavy. I brought everything. Horrible idea. For the few days you're in the hospital, I personally had no problem using the shampoo and body wash they supplied #noshame. I did bring a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, a brush, hair ties and the like. On top of that I brought my makeup. I know, "Who has time to do their makeup after having a baby?" Well, I made the time, I needed to feel fresh and clean, sitting in that room in that bed all day long for five days straight would have done me in had I not made it a point to pamper myself a little bit. Plus I felt way better when people came to visit if I had at least my foundation or some powder on. Again, anything to just make yourself feel good in that period of time is going to make your experience that much better.

6. Nursing Tank Tops - Again, size around six months of pregnancy just to be safe. These are pretty much self explanatory. These along with your robe and you're set, they're all you'll need the entire time you're there. Easy to nurse and comfortable all around from the time baby is born until it's simply too big to wear anymore. Definite must have all around!

7. Phone Charger - I swear if it wasn't for Andrew I would have forgotten mine both times. In today's age our phones are our life lines and of course everyone at home is wanting to see precious pictures of your new bundle of joy. Whether it be through a text, email or social media post. Don't forget the charger, plus you don't want to miss capturing those first few days of babies life outside the womb!

8. Nursing Bra - Goes along with numbers two and six, if you feel like wearing a bra and are planning on nursing, this is simply a must. Beyond comfortable and easy to handle. I suggest a few of these to have on hand!

9. Kindle or any E-Reader - Like I stated before we started. I had C-Sections, I was in the hospital for just about a week. Both babies had multiple visits to the pediatrician in the hospital, they were also boys so they had procedures they had to have done and all sorts of different things here and there. I was alone in the room from time to time. Yes turning on the TV was option number one most times but on the off chance nothing was on worth watching it is nice to have your Kindle or E-Reader close by, just to get in a chapter here or there if you have the time alone.

Phew. Okay now I feel better. I hope you take this list and use it, at the very least, a starting point of what to bring with you to the hospital when welcoming your new addition to your family!

Did I miss something crucial?! What were your Must Haves for the hospital?!


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