Easter Sunday

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Dress : Similar | Shoes : Similar | Necklace : Rose Gold | Bracelets
Both boys outfits are from Target

I think I'm finally recovering from Easter.
I know, it's Tuesday, but any holiday tends to kick my butt.
Don't get me wrong, I do love holidays and Easter is up there in my list of favorites.
But with two little ones, it's beyond draining.

Our morning started great, got up and the boys got their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny.
We proceeded to head to my Grandfather's house where we have a massive egg hunt for the little ones.
I am one of ten grandkids and our boys are two of sixteen almost seventeen great-grandkids.
It is a tradition that my Grandma and Grandpa started before I was even born, so for me and all of my cousins it's really awesome to be able to see our kids carry that tradition on.

Then we headed to Andrew's Grandparent's house where we hung out with his family.
He has a lot of cousins as well, however he is the oldest (I am one of the youngest in my family) so our two boys are the only great-grandkids on their side, making it less hectic and a lot more mellow.

By the end of the day we couldn't wait to get home, put the boys to bed and relax!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!


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