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Today I want to introduce you all to an amazing lady & blogger {A girl after my own heart actually!!! :) }

Take it away Lesley...

Helloooo there Scribble and Dash readers! I'm Lesley and I blog over at By the Porchlight.

Thank you so much, Melissa, for asking me to stop by today! It's super cold here in Newfoundland so this is a great excuse to stay inside and keep warm for at least a little while.

I don't know where you all are from but I'm super jealous of you if you're reading from anywhere warm. I have had a life-long battle with my surroundings. I hate snow. I hate cold. And I have a partner who doesn't wanna move away. Newfoundland [or maybe just mama's] boys are hard to sway.

So, on days like this I am really happy I have plenty of indoor hobbies. Knitting, reading, blogging... If I could possible do all three of these things at once I would. Sadly, I haven't quite mastered that level of multitasking.

Like I said, I love reading. I co-founded the Literary Junkies link-up and online book club.

Yesterday, our book club had our first online meet (in the form of a Twitter party). We discussed our first book - The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I loved it! This is the most magical, imaginative book I've ever found that might possibly be able to rival Harry Potter!

And, speaking of Harry Potter, our next read, for the month of January, is The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I'm sure a ton of you have already read this OR have it on your to-read list, so I hope you'll consider joining us Literary Junkies!

When Melissa asked me to come by and chat about what I love to do in winter, I thought it'd be fun to take it a step further and share with you one of my hobbies - knitting! Rather than just telling you all about what I like knitting, why not show you... or rather, give something away!

So... ta da! A giveaway!

* Open to Canadian and US residents

Good luck everyone! I hope this little gift from me helps keep one happy reader warm this winter!

I don't know about you all but this scarf looks awesome & can't wait for one of you to win it!!

Make sure you stop by Lesley's blog HERE and say hello!!!

Tomorrow : Christmas traditions & my home decorations! :)

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  1. New follower!! Nice to meet you :)

  2. Finally following you! :) Have a great day Melissa!

  3. Ooh I want to hear how the new JK Rowling book is!!


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