It's OKAY Holiday Style

10:54:00 AM

This morning it dawned on me that there are only two weeks left until Thanksgiving 
& roughly six until Christmas.

It seems that the older I get, the faster these things come & go.

In honor of the Holiday's coming at us like a freight train...

It's OKAY to...
{The Holiday Edition}

Have a FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes marathon!

Followed by an OC Chrismukkah episodes marathon!

Want ALL THE Starbucks RED cups.

 Listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

Drive everyone crazy with said Christmas music.

Being extremely cranky with everyone before having my first cup of coffee!

To want EVERYONE to vote for my ETSY shop! :)

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  1. OC Chrismukkah was one of my FAVORITES. I need to rewatch that, luckily for me I have all the boxed sets!

  2. I just got anxiety. TWO WEEKS?! WTF?!

  3. Love this! Getting friends out now :)

  4. I love Friends! This sounds stupid, but how do you have a Friends Thanksgiving marathon? We have on demand, but only the shows that have played recently show up...or maybe I just don't know how to work it?

    And I've been doing the same thing with the Christmas music. Love it!



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