An off day

9:59:00 AM

Today I'm having an extremely off day.  I can't explain it but I feel very unmotivated to do anything, which explains this short & sweet post. These little faces have a tendency to cheer me up so I figured I'd share a picture of them from last Halloween. Have you ever just had one of those days where you just don't really want to do anything, you're seemingly sad for no apparent reason? Any suggestions on how to get myself out of this funk?

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  1. I'm sorry you are having an off day. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Put in a sad movie and cry it out. Usually that works for me or honestly being around people. I know that sounds weird but meeting up with a good friend or two can get you in a different mind set and cheer you up.

    Hope you feel better :)

  2. I get those days every now and then. I just realize that I am in a funk and when I wake up the next day it will be better. It always is! (A glass of wine wouldn't hurt either!)


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  3. I write out the reasons why I'm upset and then the reasons that I should NOT be upset. It is therapeutic for me and then I CHOOSE happiness. Read the book "The Traveler's Gift". It is very inspiring on this topic!


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