DIY Chevron Wall Art

9:07:00 AM

As many people who know me, know, I am an extreme DIY-er. I love making things on my own & it always makes me extremely proud when I get to show it off. This past week I tackled probably one of my favorite projects to date, my chevron wall art. Andrew & I were struggling trying to figure out just what we wanted to go on the wall behind our couch & this little idea popped into my head... & of course I had to try it. {Worst case scenario, they turned out badly & I could just dispose of them}

What I used...
Artist's Loft Acrylic Paint... Purchased from Michaels {Buy one, Get one Free at the time}

Artist's Loft Canvas... Purchased the value Pack from Michales {5: 16X20 canvas's for $20}

Here are all of my supplies sat out... Canvas, Paint, Paint Brush {also from Michaels}, Pencil & Ruler
What I did...

1. I covered my table with trash bags, this coffee table has taken many beatings from my crafts so it probably didn't matter but I still did it anyway.

2. I attempted to be extremely precise & measure out the lines & such but again, if you know me, you know that I get too frustrated & if it doesn't turn out perfectly I'll just be mad so I opted for a more free hand approach & just drew out my pattern.

3. Then I just started to paint... I started with the blue paint...
It looks a little messy but that's just because I wasn't too precise with the first color, I went back in after and cleaned it up a bit

4. I then let the blue dry over night & went back in the next evening with my tan/yellow paint {to get this color I had to mix a yellow & almost white... unfortunately they didn't have the exact color I wanted} & this is my end result...
I tried multiple times to get a "true" picture of the color but it just wasn't happening, it really isn't that yellow in person but you get the idea :)
Now, not only was this project extremely fun to do it is also a more cost efficient way to decorate your home with a canvas wall print {let's be real, anything you would go out and buy would be well over the price of this... which averages out to be roughly $17 when all is said and done!}

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY tutorial & if you get the urge to try this on your own, please let me know... I'd love to see what other's do with this same idea! :)

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  1. SO cute girl!! I love this! I am definitely not that crafty.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. So cute! I wish I was a DIY'er...just don't have the patience or the creativity! Wanna make me some??? ;)

  3. Ohhhh!! This is so cute!!! Love it, girl.

  4. Love it! I want to do a craft night and do this. Friends, wine and crafts- doesn't sound much better than that :)

  5. LOVE the chevron paintings - they came out great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Omg, I love this idea! It looks so cute on top of your couch! Amazing! Definitely going to try this <3


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