HELLO from Disney World!

7:29:00 AM

I am so excited to finally be able to share with everyone that I am in Disney World on a spur of the moment vacation with my family. With the help of my dad and sister I was able to surprise my other sister and my mom by showing up to spend some time with them this week and have a vacation as a family together!!! Read on to to see pictures and some of my personal travel tips...

I have to say, the look on my sister's face was so funny when I walked through the door this morning... She did end up saying that I "was the best surprise ever!" Here are a few of the pics from my first day here...

*one of my favorite Disney quotes...*

*Hollywood Studios*

*my sisters and I... Melanie, me, Megan... Would you be able to guess, I'm the oldest(23), Melanie is the middle(19) and Megan is the youngest(15)?*

*super important to keep hydrated! I am drinking tons of water*

*watching a fun show on the street of Hollywood Studios*

Travel Tip #1: When packing, try and put everything in your suit case the night before or the morning of your trip, I have found that I have less wrinkles in my clothes this way. Then, once you arrive at your hotel, take your clothes out of your suit case as soon as possible and hang them up, again, to avoid wrinkling... here is my set up for the week

<3 Melissa

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  1. I hope you have a blast!!



  2. I'm so jealous!!! I've never been there, but it looks like so much fun. I hope you had a great time!




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