The Bachelorette: Week One Recap

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As far as I am concerned, night one of the Bachelorette did NOT disappoint! I personally think that this season is going to be much more entertaining than I thought at first. I was afraid that Emily may have been a little bit too shy and reserved to be in this type of a situation but I do think that I may have been wrong. Night one and she seems to have all of these men completely in awe of her, way to go Emily...

The show starts off with a nice recap of Emily's past relationships and the reasons that she chose to go through this very public, very unconventional way to find love yet again. If you know anything about Emily you know that her story is one of heartbreaking tragedy. After losing her race car driver fiance in a plane crash and finding out she was pregnant with their daughter a week later, Emily has been raising her young daughter, Ricki (named after her father Ricky Hendrick) as a single mom. Emily then decided to give love another chance and applied to be on the Bachelor, where she did win Brad Womack's heart, only to be disappointed once again.

* Emily and Ricky*                                                           *Brad proposing to Emily*

 Emily stated that her relationship with Brad showed her that she could love again, and that it was possible for her to be happy. I really like that she has taken her past experiences and let them teach her about herself instead of letting them defeat her. My absolute favorite part about this season, and Emily herself, is how involved her daughter is going to be. In the end, Emily isn't just looking for a partner for herself she is also looking for someone who can be a father figure in her daughter's life, so this means Ricki also has to approve and like whoever her mother chooses in the end!

Now it's time to meet the guys... I have to say that this cast of guys didn't seem to impress me too much when I was reading their bios online. Yet, as the introductions began and the night progressed I warmed up to the group of guys and have already chosen my favorites for Emily. (A few of the names can be clicked on to take you over to abc's page where they give in depth bio's of the men, and of course the names that are crossed out, well they won't be coming back next week =[ )

Sean (28)- First out of the limo, didn't do anything crazy but he was very sweet!
David (33)
Doug (33)- Single father, his son wrote Emily such a sweet letter; I have to admit, I teared up a bit!
Jackson (29)
Joe (27)- Definitely going to be a character in the house!! So funny!
Arie (30)- I see him going all the way, since he has a past in driving race cars I feel that Emily will immediately find a bond and connection to him. Doesn't hurt that he's adorable!
Kyle (29)- Again, first impression was that he wasn't too over the top, but sweet.
Chris (25)- He was extremely grateful to be there for Emily! He even had bobble heads made... i LOVE these, and am going to be finding out where I can get my own made!
Aaron (36)- Biology teacher, very cute!
Alessandro (30)- Probably one of my favorites!
Jef (27)- Rode in on a skateboard holding onto the back of the limo, definitely got Emily's attention. She even called him "super cool"... At first I didn't see a connection between these two but during their conversation inside the house, I see him going far!!
Lerone (29)
Stevie (26)- Break dancer... enough said!
Charlie (32)- Complete gentleman! Oh and did I mention, I am pretty much in love with his dog.
Tony (31)- "Charming... Prince charming" Absolutely adorable!
Randy (30)
Nate (25)- I noticed that she grabbed his hand! She also said that he smells good! :)
Brent (41)
John "wolf" (30)- "wolf"- (30)- Well he's from St. Louis, so I feel obligated to like him lol :)
Travis (30)- He brought an ostrich egg with him, said that he would take care of the egg just as he would take care of Emily and Ricki... I find this adorable!
Michael (26)- cutie musician
Jean-Paul (25)
Alejandro (24)- Bilingual... Pretty awesome!
Ryan (31)- Adorable!!!!!!
Kalon (27)- Okay, say what you want, I think that his entrance was amazing... I know that he is going to be the one hated among all of the other guys but who cares? That's not what it's about, he's there for Emily, he had  to do what he could to stand out! I am rooting for him!

Some of my favorite moments of the night...

*Kalon getting off of the helicopter and telling Emily that he thinks he was worth the wait*

*Emily meeting Randy dressed as a grandma? I don't know... he didn't get a rose, but he was entertaining!*

*Emily chatting with Travis about his egg experiment*

*Emily meeting Ryan,so cute*
 *Emily talking with Chris... and the bobbleheads... yeah, pretty much awesome!*

*Emily talking to Arie, I think it was very cool how cautious he was about her feelings on the whole race car driving aspect of his life.*
 *Awww Emily talking to Jef!*
 *Last but definitely not least, Doug, he gets the first  impression rose and the award for making everyone watching tear up from the letter that his son wrote to Emily, pretty much telling her that his dad is the best dad in the world*

*The men still standing at the end of the night, they can relax... for now*

So what did you think of Monday's episode of the Bachelorette?! Who are some of your favorites for this season?!

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