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As I was getting ready to go for a run the other day I was putting on my clothes and getting all of my gadgets together and realized, man I have a lot of stuff to put on and bring along with me.
Then I had a minor freak out and thought I may be a little too high maintenance as a runner but then decided it didn't matter. Who cares how many gadgets I find that I need to run with, as long as I get out there, that's what really matters!

So as I was running I thought it would be a good idea to share with all of you just what I bring along with me that makes running so much more enjoyable and comfortable at the same time! So this Fitness Friday blog post is dedicated to just that!

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1. Athletic Sunglasses - I got mine back in 2011 so the ones I have linked aren't identical but you get the idea. These are by far the best sunglasses I have ever used to run in. Foster Grant has such high quality sunglasses for athletic purposes that, like I said before, I have had since 2011 and they aren't even close to being worn out! I've been looking at buying some more here soon just because I love the ones I have so much I want options! Anyway, I can't run without sunglasses. Even if it's cloudy or drizzling rain, my sunglasses never leave my face. For obvious reasons when it's sunny out they are a necessity but even in the cloudy/rainy weather they help keep my eyes clear and clean.

2. Headband - I prefer mine monogrammed! I personally made my own, however I don't sell them so I have linked a reputable Etsy shop where you can get your own monogrammed headband as well! Now when it comes to running, especially here lately, the heat has been so intense. I find myself sweating like crazy, so the head band comes in handy in catching the moisture and keeping it from running into my eyes!

3. Wireless Headphones - I can't explain enough how much I love these head phones! I use them all the time, not just while running, as does my husband! They are absolutely perfect for running. You can link them up to your phone through bluetooth and then while running, you aren't dealing with wires from standard head phones flopping all over the place. You also don't have to worry about the type of phone carrying case that you want to use while running, the wireless head phones make it extremely convenient!

4. SPI Belt - Now, everyone has their own opinions on what they like to use to carry their phones, keys etc. in while running. I personally didn't want anything that strapped to my arm, the sun tan lines just didn't seem appealing. I also have the iPhone 6 Plus so it's huge and almost all the other carriers that I have had in the past, the phone wouldn't fit. So I asked my Mom, who is more of a runner than I am, what she uses. She had this belt that she uses when she runs half/full marathons so I tried it out. My phone fit and I have been using it ever since. I'll have to invest in my own here soon, we are doing a half together in October so she'll need it back then! While running this sits perfectly on my waist and isn't in any way annoying, in fact I forget that it's even there! I would highly suggest this belt for anyone who is looking for something to carry their things while running!

5. Polar Fitness Tracking Watch - So I have done an entire blog post dedicated to this wonderful accessory, you can read it HERE. Anyway, I love being able to keep track of my heart rate as well as the calories I have burnt while running. There is nothing better than this watch to do just that, I can't say enough good things about this watch and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness watch. It keeps great track of my calories as well as my progress from run to run!

So there you have it! My 5 favorite gadgets to use while I run. I hope you enjoyed and gain some inspiration to help you feel comfortable and enjoy running as much as I do!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I really wish I could listen to music while I run, I have to be able to hear everything that is going on around me.

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